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DARK KNIGHT SHOOTER MOTIVE – James Holmes – Drugs, Hate & More: Colorado Massacre Update

By Geno McGahee

He killed a dozen people in a crowded movie theater on the opening night of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, and now he appeared in court to face the music. James Holmes, 24, was in an orange jumpsuit, hair dyed red, and led in by armed officers. There is little doubt as to how this case will play out. We will have a guilty verdict and Holmes will face death or life in prison, but the question as to why he did it is still being thrown around and new theories have arisen.

One of the newest and most popular theories is the synthetic drugs that are currently finding their way into various stores and are basically outlawed everywhere. The drug has been known to cause: tachycardia (increased heart rate); paranoid behavior, agitation and irritability; nausea and vomiting; confusion; drowsiness; headache; seizures; hypertension; electrolyte abnormalities; and syncope (loss of consciousness).

The Florida cannibal was reportedly on this drug and there have been reports of delusional behavior and violent aggression from those that are typically calm and normal. Holmes was reported as a normal college kid by those that knew him, making this act of extreme violence out of character. What made him do it?

Mental defect, video games, music and more have been pointed to as people begin to pick up the pieces and sort this mess out, but as of now, nothing has been divulged by Holmes or the police department as to why he went into that Colorado theater and opened fire. Stay tuned…

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