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Batman Shooter: James Holmes DRUG FACTOR – Heath Ledger, Colorado Massacre, TSA & More

By Geno McGahee

James Holmes, 24, the “Batman Shooter” is reported to have been hooked on pharmaceutical drugs, which is not a surprise when you look at his behavior. Holmes was hooked on Vicodin, and reportedly took a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs prior to the shooting.

The known side effects of Vicodin are “altered mind states” and “unusual thoughts or behavior.” Holmes has called himself the “Joker,” and there is a direct comparison that can be made between him and Heath Ledger, the deceased actor that portrayed the Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT. Ledger had a history of abuse of pharmaceutical drugs.

Even though violence is down in the country and the odds of dying from a mass shooting are minimal, there is talk about bringing police goons to the malls and movie theaters, much like the airport security.

The Colorado massacre was a tragedy but with every tragedy, there are opportunists ready to pounce on it and push an agenda. This is another good example.

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