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Casey Anthony NEWS – Lawsuit, Caylee, Nancy Grace, Guilt & More – TOT MOM in Hot Water

By Geno McGahee

Casey Anthony was found “not guilty” of killing her young daughter, Caylee, but her troubles haven’t ended there. Zenaida Gonzales is suing Casey for implicating her in the manufactured kidnapping of her daughter. Gonzales is demanding to know how much money she has earned and wants a part of it.

The Casey Anthony court case kept the entire nation glued to the screen. The majority of the people thought that she was guilty and with good reason. The lie after lie, the decomposition smell in her car, the shopping sprees while her daughter was dead, and the computer searches that seemed to implicate her weren’t enough to put her away in the eyes of the jury, but the public had placed its vote and that vote was: guilty.

Nancy Grace, the outspoken court TV host, was very vocal about her thoughts and demanded justice for the young child. She got big ratings but she didn’t get what she wanted. Casey Anthony is free and there is potential to make a great deal of money if she wants to. If she does profit greatly, this will not make those that think that she’s guilty very happy.

Gonzales will have a tough road ahead of her to get any of that money or any future money with this lawsuit. Even though Casey used her name, there are other people named “Zenaida Gonzales” out there. This case will most likely be dismissed.

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