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Tony “Mo Better” Jeter: Bringing Boxing Back & Targeting Jimmy Lange – BOXING NEWS

Exclusive Interview by Marc Anthony

“The people that are going come to see these fights are going get their money’s worth!”— Tony Jeter

Tony “Mo Better” Jeter, 13-3-1, 9 KO’s, is going be fighting September 22nd against Tyrel Brown, 7-2, 7 KO’s, under his promotional company “Jeter Promotions.” Like Jimmy Lange, Tony is bringing in great fights through solid matchmaking and using his popularity to give other fighters exposure to more fans.

Jeter Promotions brings boxing back to Club One Fitness with the card stacked with local talent. 1131 Benfield Blvd Millersville Md 21108 or call 410-729-3900 for more information you can click here. Tony Jeter sits with RSR and shares his boxing knowledge…

MA: Your upcoming fight on Saturday September 22nd against Tyrel Brown…what challenges does he bring?

I know he is 7-2 with 7 knockouts as a boxer. I guess he is 8-4 as an MMA guy…so he has over 20 paid fights. He is going to be a little bit bigger than me. That’s all I know at this point…not a lot more.

MA: And Jimmy Lange is back on the table?

Lange is back on the table, but at this point though, I am way more focused on Jeter Promotions and my upcoming fight.

MA: Speaking of Jeter Promotions and your upcoming fight, what does that card look like?

Oh man… it’s amazing. We got Duane Mobley: the big heavyweight who is undefeated and trained by Janks Morton who was Sugar Ray Leonard’s trainer. It’s going be an awesome six round fight. We also got Nick Kisner, who is 10-0, a top national champion. We got James Stevenson…he is 15-0. He is boxing this kid named Richard Andrews from Virginia. This kid is tough as nails. He is 4-2-3 and just beat Harold Parker who was a five time national champion. This could be an unbelievable bout. We got Elias Bouloubassis, he is 7-0-5, and he has the world record for the fastest knockout in the middleweight division. He is boxing Stephen Franklin, and that’s going be a really good bout too. We have Dan Cannaday boxing Issa Coulibaly, and that’s going be a good fight! Dan and Nick train at Club One. Joshua Davis is supposed to be on the card; he is 2-0 and is like a nationally rated fighter. He trains at Club One.

You are getting a really…really exciting card. The people that are going come to see these fights are going get their money’s worth. That’s for sure. It’s going be an amazing night. The arena at Club One Fitness is one the most intimate boxing venues in the country. You are so close to the ring that the front row seats is the closest you will ever get to boxing. We are really excited about it.

Like I said, I am really worried about my fight on the 22nd in Jeter Ppromotions. We are trying to do our own thing and build Jeter Promotions, so, like the Lange’s, we can give people the opportunity to fight on our card because when I fight, other people will have the chance to fight. It just helps the local area out.

MA: Your thoughts on taking on 2 fights so close to each other, risk and rewards?

Well the risks are that I could get hurt or I could lose…or something could happen that would hurt one of the fights. The rewards would be winning both fights. This fight I am fighting for the WBC Fecarbox Middleweight title which would give me a top 40 ranking with the WBC. And if I beat… not if… when I beat Lange, they’re talking about fighting for one of the big 4 regional titles in that bout too so were talking about maybe a top 10 or top 15 world ranking.

MA: You being a fighter I wanted to get your thought on what fight has been the most entertaining that you have seen for 2011 through 2012?

I would say the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight. That was awesome; when he punched him… when he went to touch gloves and Mayweather punched him… it was the greatest ending to a fight I have ever seen. I had a bunch of people over at my house. Damn I enjoyed it. I ordered it… it was the best spent 74 dollars I ever spent on boxing.

MA: Would you say it was a cheap shot?

The cheap shot was when Ortiz shouldered him minutes prior. That was a cheap shot. When he busted his mouth open with his shoulder. Mayweather just did what any fighter should do. Yeah you go ahead and touch gloves with me, yeah, that’s a bad move. You learn in the amateurs not to touch gloves not to be friendly like that.

MA: How do you see the Chavez vs. Martinez fight going down?

I think it’s going be a good fight. I think Chavez is going surprise a lot of people. He has gotten a lot better and he is big. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chavez beats Martinez. Martinez is good but Chavez might be able to walk him down and get him late.

Tony Jeter
Division: Middleweight
Nickname: Mo Better
Professional Record: 13-3-1, 9 KO’s

2012-02-25 Jose Felix 11-11-2 Millersville, US W UD 8
2011-12-17 Jose Felix 10-11-2 Arlington, US L TKO 5
2011-11-19 Ken Dunham 6-12-1 Upper Marlboro, US W UD 4
2011-03-12 Mike McFail 12-41-2 Fairfax, US W UD 6
2010-11-10 Adrian Redmond 4-7-1 Washington, US W KO 2
2010-07-10 Lawrence Jones 3-2-1 Fairfax, US D TD 1
2010-04-02 Vincent Robbins 3-8-2 Washington, US W KO 2
2009-09-26 Keith Gross 3-1-0 Fairfax, US W KO 1
2008-11-14 Darrett Crockett 6-20-0 Millersville, US W TKO 2
2008-09-19 Chris Cook 3-14-1 Millersville, US W UD 4
2008-04-18 Pete Guthy 1-3-2 Pikesville, US W TKO 1
2005-12-02 James Shedrick 3-4-0 Millersville, US L KO 4
2005-10-07 Lawrence Frisby 3-8-0 Millersville, US W TKO 2
2001-10-05 Kwame Bumpus 1-0-1 Philadelphia, US L UD 4
2001-06-29 Richard McCombs 1-0-0 Washington, US W TKO 1
2001-03-30 Curtis Wilkens 1-5-0 Dover, US NC NC 2
2001-02-07 Donald Beynum 0-1-0 Washington, US W KO 3
2001-01-25 Ervin Fuller 1-1-0 Glen Burnie, US W TKO 1

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