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Undertaker Wrestlemania OPPONENT NAMED & MAJOR DETAILS – WWE News

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. The dead man is ready to pick an opponent, but it’s already decided man. The man that he wants to give a last ride to is none other than real life enemy, Brock Lesnar. These two big men have had words before and it’s the real deal brother, but they have put the differences aside as they agreed on one of the biggest payouts for one match in WWE history.

Vinnie Mac had to open up his wallet to convince the two to meet up. Undertaker pulled a power play man and demanded equal money and it was a little back and forth brother until McMahon finally gave in. He needs this match and it may be the Taker’s last.

Lesnar, the former UFC and WWE champion, is in this for the green and he doesn’t care about the real hate. He came up with the idea of making this a UFC-like match and the Taker agreed. They will meet in the cage and if Dana White agrees…then it will be an actual UFC octagon. White and McMahon may have differences, but they respect each other and know how to turn a buck man.

Stay tuned…what are you gonna do brother when the Masked Hernandez goes crazy on you?

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