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Ventriloquist Willie Tyler & Lester: From the Motortown Revue to the Bright Lights of Hollywood – Entertainment News

Exclusive Interview by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt
Picture Courtesy of Willie Tyler

“Everything old is new again.” – Willie Tyler

It seems as of late, I have been taken on a journey back to my childhood, growing up in the 70’s, with interviews that I am conducting for NewzBreaker. In this Q & A, I had the pleasure of talking with an entertainer from this era that had both Dad and I in stitches when we saw him, and his sidekick, on the various popular variety shows from that era. This gentleman is none other than the highly popular ventriloquist Willie Tyler that brought life to his sidekick “Lester.”

When they performed, you were guaranteed to laugh each and every time Lester opened his mouth. Those lines of course have to be contributed to Willie Tyler, who for over 50 years has entertained audiences around the world. In this exclusive interview, I found Willie still passionate all of these years later for his craft and willing to share intimate stories of an amazing career that still endures to this day.

Click Here to READ this Exclusive Interview with Willie Tyler & Lester.

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