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By Jim Minkle

What started out as a mere exhibition proposal is turning into big business for Kimbo Slice, a boxer that desperately needs to make an impact in the sport soon. He began his fighting career on YouTube, going from backyard to backyard, and then tried his skills in the cage, eventually being put into his place by the better men in the MMA. Now, he’s boxing and he’s beating up 200 pounders that really don’t belong in the ring to begin with. He is now setting his sights on somebody that doesn’t belong in the ring anymore and that is Roy Jones, JR.

Roy has spoken out about this encounter and noted that there are many options at this time, but the most profitable would be one with Slice and it cannot be exhibition and Slice wants a sanctioned boxing match. Roy’s skill may be too much for him, but Roy’s chin is very weak and Slice hits hard enough to send him into dreamland.

Kimbo is waiting by the phone, eagerly awaiting the call to come in that Roy has accepted his challenge. It’s not going to happen. Roy really doesn’t want any part of Kimbo. Remember when he asked for 100 million dollars to fight Mike Tyson? He will price himself out of this one too. Roy knows how to avoid fights when he needs to and as much as Kimbo is dismissed by some, he’s a rough dude with power in both hands. The most likely end result would be Roy being carried out of the ring.

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