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CM Punk Vs The Rock: Ryback, John Cena & More – WWE NEWS

By Masked Hernandez

Let me tell you something brother. As I was driving up the coast on my Harley and my phone when ring-a-ding and it was my brother in the mask man. I know that last night some strange things went on and CM Punk still has that strap but Ryback’s reputation is still intact. The WWE made a win/win last night at Hell in the Cell brother.

Now the plan is to have this feud go on for a while and maybe mix in John Cena somewhere brother, leading to a showdown with the Rock. CM Punk is the future of the WWE and they are making sure to give him the push that he needs and that will be an eventual push into a showdown with The Rock.

The Rock doesn’t wrestle often man. He is too expensive. Vinnie Mac only wants to use him from time to time so he doesn’t have to empty out his bank account and now the plan is to spend a little to get the Rock and CM Punk in the ring together, headlining a pay per view. The Rock last defeated John Cena, but he will not defeat Punk. Punk is the man now brother. I saw the WWE work this way when it was the WWF man. I was backstage with my two good friends, the Iron Sheik and SD Jones and I told the Sheik that he would be champ forever man but then Jones heard about this guy named Hogan. A few weeks later, the Sheik dropped that title and history was written brother.

CM Punk and Ryback may continue the feud or they may bring in Cena, but all roads lead to the Rock brother.

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