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Floyd Mayweather JR’s Challenge to Manny Pacquiao: November 13th Awaits

By Geno McGahee

On November 13th, the boxing world will be treated to a sham pay per view featuring one of the best fighters in the game today, Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao, 51-3-2, 38 KO’s, taking on one of the biggest scumbags to ever lace up the gloves, Antonio Margarito, 38-6, 27 KO’s. There was a time when people went to prison for tampering with a sporting event, but now we reward them and Margarito, a man that unquestionably loaded his hand wraps with plaster of Paris will be getting one of the biggest paydays of his career as he takes on Pacquiao.

Much of the emphasis should be placed on the “good guy,” Manny Pacquiao for taking this fight. Some say that “he’s just a fighter and he fights who ever they put in front of him,” but when you reach the stature of a Pacquiao, you have options. He could have taken on just about anyone and the public would have accepted it, but he took on the in house opponent of Bob Arum’s liking and now we have this disgusting campaign to make the Mexican challenger look like a good guy.

Margarito donates to charity. Margarito helps the less fortunate. This is all propaganda created by Arum to shift the blame away from the fighter to the corner. There is absolutely no way that he did not know about the hand wraps and he felt that his bank account was more important than the lives of Kermit Cintron, Miguel Cotto, and every other opponent that he loaded his gloves against, which were plenty, I assure you.

Pacquiao is good for the sport, but this fight isn’t. Margarito is going to do the wrong thing and take every opportunity that benefits him, which is why he gladly took this fight. He is an opportunist without ethics and Pacquiao should have put on the brakes and demanded a new opponent. If he said that he wasn’t fighting Margarito over principle, do you know what Arum would have done? He would have gotten a new opponent.

So rent the one-sided beat down of Margarito or wait one week and watch it on HBO if you subscribe. Youtube usually has the fight right after it happens…just make sure you watch it quickly before they remove it. Why would you reward a guy like Margarito. If you love boxing, you would realize just how wrong it is and what message it sends. A low PPV buy rate would tell the sporting world that boxing fans want a clean sport.

Where does Floyd Mayweather, JR., 41-0, 25 KO’s, fit into this? He’s actually the center of it.

“Money” Mayweather has been known to pick his spots inside of the ring and outside of it was well. He is a remarkable salesman, marketing himself as the bad guy and traveling over to other mediums to introduce himself to a new audience. From Dancing with the Stars to the WWE, Mayweather has made his presence known and considering his lack of excitement inside of the ropes, he draws a very large crowd when he fights.

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, then what Mayweather is doing is genius, although there are certainly some circumstances behind his recent leave from the sport.

In 2007, Mayweather left the sport on top. He was undefeated and had very little trouble with his opposition. As his career progressed, he became more vocal, learning from Muhammad Ali’s approach. He didn’t care if the people hated him as long as they tuned in and they did tune in. His pay per view outings against Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton were huge successes.

A return to boxing would come in 2009. In his absence, the people would look to rising Filipino star Manny Pacquiao as the best in the game, but when Floyd came back, the debate began. Victories over Juan Manuel Marquez and Shane Mosley were dominant displays but were met by equally impressive wins from Pacquiao.

The fight Mayweather – Pacquiao is the fight that everyone wanted and still wants, but there have been many obstacles in the way. Allegations of steroid abuse against Manny have been somewhat ignored by Team Pacquiao. They filed lawsuit against Mayweather for the allegations but nothing has come of that and because Freddie Roach’s work with other boxers that have tested positive for steroids, the link is obviously there and it’s not hard to at least consider. Pacquiao’s continual rise in weight and strength in the ring is so amazing that it has raised some eyebrows and there is a large group that believes that he has been using PEDs. This doesn’t mean it’s true, but Mayweather’s claim is not dismissed by everyone.

The collapse of the first fight was linked to Manny’s refusal to agree to the Olympic style testing, but they would sit down again, but by this time, Uncle Roger, Floyd’s trainer, would end up in some legal hot water when he decided to beat up a woman. What a class act he is! Rumored problems with the IRS, domestic problems, and perhaps some concern over fighting Manny killed the second fight and gave Arum the opportunity to propose Margarito.

With the New Year around the corner, expect Manny and Floyd to meet up. Manny will TKO Margarito within six rounds, perhaps in the first round if he comes out fast enough, and Floyd will be watching closely and as he sorts out his problems at home and in camp, the need to prove himself will push him into the fight that many contend he is afraid to take.

Hopefully the third fight negotiations will be the charm and the two best fighters in the world will meet up in early to mid 2011. Mayweather will fight again and there aren’t many options that the public will be happy with. The winner of Paul Williams – Sergio Martinez II would work, but Pacquiao is a far better match for him style-wise and carries a larger price tag. The challenge will be sent and accepted sometime in 2011.

So, November 13th’s knockout win for Pacquiao will lead to a showdown with Floyd unless Bob Arum wants to bring back Luis Resto for a PPV showdown. I look forward to a fight that is good for boxing, not the nonsense that they are trying to give us with Pacquiao – Margarito.

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