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Floyd Mayweather, JR: Bring On Manny Pacquiao Next!

By “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

2010 will go down as a year in boxing when sadly the biggest fight that even had non-boxing fans talking not happening between P4P best Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, JR. The fight should have been made, but let’s take a closer look to see if Floyd Mayweather, JR was a PR Guru or all around joke for not making it happen.

Floyd Mayweather, JR. – PR Guru

Floyd was on the WWE and Dancing With The Stars. That was brilliant marketing by him along with his team to get his mug and name out to the masses that would not turn on a boxing match if you glued the clicker to their hands. But now that they saw the million dollar smile, they were interested in seeing him fight. Well, he did that against a smaller man in Juan Manuel Marquez who over 12 rounds, he beat pillar to post. Then this past May, he once again, took on someone this time his own size, but a very faded former star in Sugar Shane Mosley. In the second round, Mosley wobbled “Pretty Boy”, but that was his moment and he could not capitalize on it to save his life. After that, he held and mugged for 12 rounds while being outgunned by Mayweather.

Up until this point, Floyd was a PR Guru. He picked two fights where he almost looked super human winning probably 23 out of 24 rounds on the judges’ scorecards. Now the boxing world was chomping at the bit for him to regain his place on the top of the P4P list against reigning champion Manny Pacquiao. RSR sources, said the fight was a “Done Deal” with signatures being needed on already drawn up contracts. Well, we know now, that never happened. This is where the Floyd Mayweather, JR – PR Guru ends.

Floyd Mayweather, JR. – All Around Joke

Team Mayweather and with Floyd being the Head of the evil empire, he must take the entire blame because they represent him. First they came out that Manny Pacquiao was “Juicing” a term used for taking steroids. Though it was never proven, it still created such a large buzz not only in the boxing world, but the entire sports world when mainstream sports media actually covered the story and that is rare because boxing has been relegated to the back page if any page in the media when it comes to coverage.

Next for Floyd was the out and out racist You Tube Video where he called Manny racial slurs and other ridiculous things. PBF looked like a spoiled rotten angry at the world kid. Shortly thereafter, came his arrest for an incident involving the Mother of his children. In just a short time, Floyd’s antics outside the ring far overshadowed anything he had done in it for many people who put him high on top of their “Wasted Potential Lists”. Since his arrest for the most part, it has been completely silent out of Team Mayweather which at this point, is the best thing.

So is Floyd Mayweather, JR a PR Guru or All Around Joke?

I think the answer lies somewhere in between both. For years, and before I say this, I have never met Floyd nor claim to know anything really about him personally other than I did a TV show once with his Manager Leonard Ellerbee. On that same show for many years, I have always stated that the TV version of Floyd is not the real person. It’s a persona that he made up especially over the last few years since his fight against the late Arturo Gatti. He did this because before he did, the numbers for his fights mirrored Roy Jones, JR. Simply put very few asses in seats. After he became the bad guy, his PPV numbers went through the roof. Like Muhammad Ali before him, people pay to go see the loud mouth Mayweather get beat. And like Ali did years before him, he puts on a clinic which unlike Ali, PBF has not lost a single bout to date. The bad guy persona was a PR dream, but the recent acts mentioned were nothing more, than utter nonsense!

What Can Floyd Mayweather, JR. Do to Redeem Himself in the Boxing World?

There is only one thing he can do. This time around, he puts the accusations of steroid use to rest, comes up with a reasonable number to face Manny Pacquiao and then, takes his ass to the gym and gets himself ready for the biggest fight not only in his career, but in boxing since Sugar Ray Leonard faced Tommy Hearns back in September of 1981. Win or lose, that will silence most of the critics who have been very vocal to say he is scared of Manny Pacquiao and though I disagree, they are making a strong case the longer the fight doesn’t happen because of Floyd’s antics. 

Wait do we hear those words?  I think we do. What’s that Floyd?  “Bring on Manny Pacquiao next!”  Well, boxing fans, there you have it, Floyd Mayweather, JR being a PR Guru or at least hoping he will be!

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