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Krystian “Misiu” Dziensk: Moves to 2-0 in his Boxing Journey

100_0577By Donny “Golden Boy” Lalonde

Photo Credit: Donny Lalonde (Donny, Krystian & Lou Savarese)

Fight time is always full of anticipation and wonderment for boxers especially early in their careers. As we approached Krystian’s second fight it was nice to see how much more relaxed he was the week of the fight. Many rounds of boxing with ring veteran Nagy Alguilera who has a 19-9, 13 KO’s and has fought some of the best in the heavyweight division as well as Eugene “The Machine” Hill, 31-1, 21 KO’s another seasoned veteran helped Krystian gain confidence and experience that provided a sense of comfort leading into a fight he worked hard to develop patience and ring generalship for.

The development of a boxer is multi faceted. You have emotional development that needs to develop along with technical skill development. The psychological elements that have to develop in tandem with, not faster or slower than the technical, conditioning and “ring time” experience is a delicate balance that Krystian seems to be evolving through with harmonious synchronicity. This is a careful balance as one being out of balance with the others can bring about over confidence in one area where there is under development in another.

There are things each fight shows me we have to focus more on. There are things each camp shows the areas which Krystian’s potential is greater than is obvious before certain challenges occur. With tough sparring, Krystian is showing his heart, his balls, his determination and I would rather see these elements before they are exposed as not being there in an actual fight. These elements cannot be exposed until a fighter has been “tested” and the two veteran’s mentioned above have given us many areas to work on developing but at the same time have shown the “unseen” elements in Krystian are some of his strongest qualities.

The opponent in this fight was not as seasoned or as physical as the first opponent but awkwardness has its own challenges and it was a measure of Krystian’s development that he remained patient and used his jab to set more impacting exchanges up. These seem like simple steps but in the long run, patience and confidence in your jab have been career defining elements for many great fighters. Larry Holmes as a heavyweight may be the clearest example of this in recent years. The natural thing for a young fighter to want to do is to rush out there and annihilate his opponent. Being careless like this is very dangerous. See Lennox Lewis in his losses by KO. Lennox who had a great amateur career as well as won multiple World Championships in all the sanctioning bodies and considered certainly by me as an ATG, walked into two punches throughout his storied career that have defined him more than all his accomplishments to many. Patience and confidence in keeping that jab in your opponents face are essential aspects to the game and this was our focus in this fight. In that sense Krystian did exactly as we had hoped for and worked on. Mission Accomplished!

Krystian is a long ways from being compared in skill or accomplishment of a Lennox Lewis or a Larry Holmes and I in no way attempt to suggest such a comparison but the patience and “go to” confidence Larry had in his jab and ring generalship, are two very important elements we were looking to improve on and I saw what I was looking for in this fight.
We are working on a number of aspects to his overall capacity right now and our next fight which is on October 22nd, will give us a chance to experience the growth that will be worked on for this next fight. Defense, positioning, power punching combination punching, using the ring more, overall comfort in the ring with crowds that are growing in his specific direction all are aspects of his development this next fight will give us an opportunity to build on as well as showcase for those in the industry to see.

The assistance of an alternative rehabilitation treatment called Rolfing, that Krystian had a number of sessions of during the Houston training camp, have gone a long way to easing the pain from certain injuries, a normal occurrence with the development of a world class athlete that the body naturally has, when pushing the body like a tough camp will do.
The patience and maturity of training that Bobby Benton gave Krystian during the camp for the fight provided a lot of help in many areas of developmental issues with specific technical aspects of his development. For this fight, Krystian will start training in his adopted hometown of Miami with Matt Biamonte at Matt’s gym on Miami Beach. Matt’s gym has been developing professional boxers more and more as it moves into the 2nd year of operations from his move out of the former 5th St Gym run and owned by the Dundee brothers. With required sparring being more available to Krystian due to this growth in Matt’s professional fight scene and the heavyweight’s he seems to be drawing, we will have a chance also to get closer to determining the longer term location for Krystian to fight out of.

Bobby along with the assistance of Lou Savarese and his gym in Houston has provided generous support and time with Krystian which we value and appreciate very much. It has us thinking of Houston as either Krystian’s #1 home base and or time will show us Miami and Matt’s gym may be that due to the proximity to Krystian’s family ties in Miami. That aspect of his career will define itself in due time. For now, we are so grateful for having two options to train out of and two talented, generous with their knowledgeable trainers and the support both these guys and gyms have afforded Krystian.

Krystian won by a decision in his first fight, his second via a 2nd round TKO. I am hoping to see him be settled enough to be able to end this one cleanly with the natural power he has with a clean KO. Most importantly we will learn more, uncover more areas that we need to grow in and open a new market, Canada where the fight will be, to the exciting journey of this “Mishu” Teddy Bear of a man we will all get to know much better as time goes on.

Fight #2 was a success. Fight #3 will provide more growth and bring Krystian one step closer to the stated goal of becoming a champion in this insanely competitive sport both in and out of the ring. There has been a Krystian Dzienski FB “athlete” page created. You can follow him there as well as on Ringside Report.

Look for photos and videos to start to be shown so you can connect to him in a more personal way and really get to see who this man is and why I am so excited to be a part of his journey. As we get closer and an opponent has been named and the city is being divulged for his next fight, we will bring you the breaking news….

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