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Team RSR Predictions: David Haye Vs Audley Harrison

Compiled by Mike “Rubber Warrior” Plunkett

It’s amazing how the ebb and flow of the sport of boxing works. After current WBA heavyweight champion moved up from the cruiserweight division, much was made over his agenda to face Wladimir Klitschko for the heavyweight championship. The noise that “The Hayemaker” made seemed to fire up the younger Klitschko, but for reasons not worth rehashing that proposed match-up fell through. Later, after having backed out on an opportunity to face the elder Klitschko for the WBC title, Haye squeaked past Nikolay Valuev to annex the world championship he currently holds. An impressive title defense last spring against former lifetime member of the WBA, John Ruiz, and another round of non-agreement with the Klitschko’s has brought us up to the present.

When Audley Harrison was announced as David Haye’s next assignment you could almost hear the silent jeers as fans around the globe openly questioned the choice, some going as far as to accuse Team Haye of overt transparency. But time has a way of serving a dish up, and by and large this bout has the potential to provide some unanticipated drama. Fact is, Audley Harrison is a former gold medalist with a monumental advantage in size and reach. His pedigree suggests rare skill but his career stats tell a story of periodic indifference and of squandered potential. As for Haye, questions remain as to his level of commitment towards being the best in his division, his ability to stay off of the canvas and self belief. This bout has all of the necessary elements needed to elevate the sagging status of a champion in question, or to wipe the slate clean for a fighter whose country long ago stopped believing in him. The winner moves a step closer towards legacy, patriotic allegiance and the opportunity to face one of the Klitschko’s for all of the marbles.

Gina L. Caliboso

Last I checked, the brothers Klitschko owned the heavyweight division.  Even as David Haye defeated Valuev, he still needs some time against the heavyweights.  Haye faces fellow Brit (but SoCal resident) Audley Harrison.  Prediction:  I give the nod to Haye with an 8th round KO.

Jeff Stoyanoff

Judging by the record of Harrison, it is hard to imagine that he will be able to deal with the speed and skills of a David Haye.  Yet, his careful and somewhat awkward style we’ll make it so that Haye has to work some to find him.  Nonetheless, Haye should get the KO by round 10.

Geno McGahee
Haye by TKO in 8 rounds…after a bumpy ride, he’ll find the mark and stop a game and tougher than expected, Harrison.

Brian Wilbur

Fraudley mauls, grabs, wrestles, and holds making for a dreadfully boring fight. Unfortunately for him, using these tactics will not give him any better shot at winning.  Haye wins an uneventful unanimous decision simply by being busier.  

Damien Norman

I used to side the fans that called Harrison ‘A Farce’ and ‘Audrey’ e.t.c… But I have mounds of respect for him for getting this opportunity. Going to go with what I want to happen as opposed to what I think will be the outcome. Audley Harrison, KO. If you want a round, I think late, 7th round KO

“Bad” Brad Berkwitt
David Haye by 6th round TKO.

Mike “Rubber Warrior” Plunkett

David Haye is my current favorite bullshit artist and part-time fighter. His antics remind me of a kid I once used to see around the neighborhood. He was a tough sort when he was barking at the other kids from the safety of his bedroom window, but the moment he was confronted face to face he seemed to shrink a size or two. “The Hayemaker” has the look and the rep of a destroyer, but I have to wonder if he actually believes it. His transparent agenda aside, this match-up intrigues me. The all-British element will ensure passion among the ranks, but the fact that this is the last chance for “A-Force” to deliver, and that he is a premium sized natural heavyweight fighting from the southpaw stance, there is a chance we may see some unexpected drama unfold.

I’m not sure how to scope Haye just yet, but I will defer to my instincts rather than anything he has actually done at heavyweight, which isn’t much, and predict that the former cruiserweight king will stop Harrison in about five rounds, after which we can expect the next flurry of excuses from him on why he will not step towards facing a Klitschko.

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