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Packy’s World: Rocky Marciano SHOCKER, Dean Martin, Restaurant Service in 2015, My Pal Al & James “Quick” Tillis Awarded The Chutzpah Award

PACKYS-WORLD-500x300By Packy “Boom Boom” Goldstein

Oy Vay are you going to hear it today… My dear Sadie, who I love dearly and can also break my bagels like the best fighter in the world, has been cracking me up since Ian “The Boxing Historian” Murphy did that great interview with me earlier this week on RSR. Sadie, printed it out and had it on the table when I came to breakfast the other day.

Here is how the convo went:

Sadie: So Packy, you are a big shot now with an interview on Ringside Report I see!

Me: No, darling, it was Bradley’s idea to have the team do interviews to bring us closer and let the boxing world know the depth of his writing team. I thought it was a great idea.

Sadie: Sure I agree our Bradley had the right idea, but if you think this is getting you out of your “Honey Do List”, I am going to break more than just your bagels!

Me: Yes, dear…. (I learned when to fight those battles I can win and fold them quickly when there is no chance to win!) Let’s get to my column…

RMRocky Marciano… Great fighter in his day sure, but he was so cheap that when he walked, he squeaked. I didn’t know him personally like the other Rocky (Graziano), but I was at events with him where the staff said he tipped as in tipped out when it came to a tip. Oy Vay!

Dean Martin…. Jerry Lewis was nothing without Dean. Sure, he could be funny, but Dean was that act and so underrated as the greatest straight man in the Dinohistory of the business. My top two were Dino and Oliver Hardy. Dean was also a fine actor and here are my top five movies he starred in.


5. Airport
4. The Young Lions
3. Murder’s Row
2. Sons of Katie Elder
1. Rio Bravo

Restaurant Service in 2015… Is it just me, or is waiting on tables at an all time low as in good service? What happened to the days when the waiter or waitress removed a dish as you finished it? I ate with Sadie in a restaurant the other day and even she was vocal on how bad it is. This is a segment on society, I am telling you. People just don’t give a shit these days. In my day, we cared to a fault.

My Pal Al (“Bad” Brad’s Father) … Al’s uncle was a very prominent doctor for years in NYC who treated many stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Karl Malden, George Peppard and Eli Wallach to name just a few. Sadly, they are gone. One day, Al is in the waiting room for his Uncle and in walks a lady, in all black, hair covered and sunglasses on. She whisks by him to see his Uncle in the main doctor’s office. A few moments later, she leaves out and Al’s Uncle calls him. He turns to Al and asks do you know who that was? Al responds, “no clue”. It turns out it was Monroe and she thought Al was cute. She left her number with Al’s Uncle and asked that he called her. Al does, and they set up a date at Lindys in NYC. Al calls me and says, guess who I am having dinner with tonight? I had no clue and he tells me Marilyn Monroe. I was like you’re full of crap. He said “tell you what ‘Boom Boom’ she is very sweet from our phone conversation where I actually mentioned you.”

Join us for cocktails and you will see. 6:00 PM rolled around and I met Al, and that SOB was not lying, sure enough in a booth in the corner reserved there he is with MM who was stunning and in sheer laughter from Al telling her jokes. I joined them for drinks and found her to be so misunderstood. Sure there were problems, but in a discreet setting, she was not a superstar. She really was just plain ole Norma Jean, with a world class rack, I will tell you that. Va Va Voom!

JTThe Chutzpah Award… The Chutzpah Award is awarded to James “Quick” Tillis for his elder statesmanship in boxing. I see how he supports Bradley and the rest of the team on RSR. I am not on that BookFace, Shitter or any other Social Media, so I watch the videos and read everything on RSR, which I discuss with Bradley. The jokes and no nonsense way Tillis responds to viewers takes major bagels because we live in such a PC world these days!  I mentioned the other day in “Packy’s World” I never met “Quick”, but when he and Bradley trained at the same gym (Allen Park) in the early 80’s, Al spoke highly of him. Let me tell you, if Al liked you, it was the same as if Sinatra did, as in there was nothing he wouldn’t do for you. But if he didn’t, Oy Vay!

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