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Nicholas Walters Goes BESERK and Rightfully SO! – Breaking Boxing News

Do you think all three judges who scored the fight should be put on SUSPENSION?

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NWThe scoring in Saturday night’s clash between Nicholas Walters and Jason Sosa is being widely condemned by the media. After a scrappy bout seemingly dominated by ex-world champion Walters, judge Tom Schreck had Sosa winning 96-94, judges Don Ackerman and Wynn Kintz had it even at 95-95.

Walters outlanded Sosa in power punches 225 to 121 and connected at a 52% clip compared to Sosa’s 20%.

“I am in total shock,” said Walters. “I was never in any danger, never hurt. [Sosa] is a good fighter — the kind of fight I wanted — but I thought I won all the rounds. So surprised this happened to me…while in the ring, I scored it 8-1-1 for me. It’s Christmas week. I figured he should be given one round.”

Sosa stated, “I thought I won and am disappointed it was a draw. I worked hard, I really thought I won the fight. I really don’t care what he says. I thought I won the fight. I had good rounds and got in some good shots.”

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