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Packy’s World: Luis Ortiz The Savior of the Heavyweight Division, Don’t Sleep On Nicholas Walters, Tony Zale, George Peppard, My Pal Al, & The Chutzpah Award Goes to Sylvester Stallone

PACKYS-WORLD-500x300By Packy “Boom Boom” Goldstein

Oy Vay are you going to hear it today… So my Sadie finally found a general contractor who seems to be on the up and up for these bathroom remodels. His estimate was midrange and to stop Sadie from breaking my bagels so I can watch my fights on DVD, I gave her the green light to get the project underway. He starts on Monday, so Sadie will be up his tukus and I will be able to write as much as I want!

Luis Ortiz… I am going on record here to say this young man will be the savior of the heavyweight division and cleans it out. Tomorrow night, he will destroy a faded Tony Thompson and then, hopefully face the winner of Chagaev Vs Brown tomorrow night as well.

Nicholas Walters… Since I am in a bold making predictions move, here is another RSR readers. Walters takes Lomachenko out in 6 rounds.

Tony Zale… A great man and a great fighter. I want these bastards caught who stole his belts and when they do, call Packy IBHOF so I can kick them right in their bagels before they go to prison and get plenty of bagels to munch on!

George Peppard… A very underrated actor. Here are my top five Peppard movies.

5. How The West Was Won
4. Damnation Alley
3. The Victors
2. Breakfast At Tiffany’s
1. The Carpetbaggers

My Pal Al (“Bad” Brad’s Father)…. If Al were alive and he saw Sly Stallone an actor he always liked get screwed at the Oscars for Creed, he would have been on a plane to Hollywood and in the office of the head of the Oscars. He was fearless!

The Chutzpah Award… The Chutzpah Award goes to Sylvester Stallone. Not just to make up for the Oscar, though my award is Sylvester-Stallone-NewswaySylvester-Stallone-News more important, but for his never give up attitude and his compassion which doesn’t get enough attention. Years ago, he was shooting a movie called F.I.S.T and Rod Steiger who was in it and a buddy of mine, invited me to the set. RS interviewed me to Sly who was very gracious and took me to lunch where we talked about boxing and movies. Even back then, I knew Rocky was not a fluke and he would become a major acting force.

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