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The Mouth Piece: Ladies Know Boxing Just As Good As the Men & Tips to Start In Boxing

stool1By Lisa “Too Fierce” Cohen

Hello boxing fans and welcome to the first addition of “The Mouth Piece” by me, Lisa “Too Fierce” Cohen. Firstly, I’d like to thank “Bad” Brad Berkwitt for offering me the opportunity to sound off here on RSR. So let’s get to it.

Boxing has been a part of my life in one way or another since I was a child. As early as age nine I have been a fan of boxing especially of “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali who I would often dream of someday being just like. But, while I sat there in front of the television set wishing for the chance to become a World Champion just as him, I was clueless as to what it took to actually be on that level. Maybe it was how easy he made his job look. Even the getting hit part. I just figured, knowing how to box just came naturally and what you didn’t know, your corner would tell you right there on the television.

By the time I entered into the world of professional boxing in 1997, I’d already learned the hard way that there was nothing natural about taking a punch and what also became clear to me was, your corner couldn’t teach you anything there on television. After learning many lessons like these on my path to the title I can now see that I was not the only one with those nine-year-old child preconceptions about what it takes to become a championship boxer.

Nowadays, I often hear spectators weighing in on what a boxer should have or should not have done in the ring. These are usually guys popping handfuls of popcorn in their mouths or eating wing after wing slathered with whatever kind of dressing there is in front of them until they are full. And then chasing that with gallons of beer. Though they have never put on a pair of boxing gloves or stepped in the ring a day in their lives, they consider themselves experts because they follow boxing by throwing fight parties whenever there is a headliner worth paying the $60 plus for a Pay Per View.

Sure they have fun, but I’m rarely one who takes anything these self-proclaimed experts say at face value. In fact, I am the first one to tell them to their faces that they have no clue about what boxing is all about. And sure, because I’m a woman they think I have no sense and am clueless right along with them. That is until I began to explain to them why what they are saying is down right wrong and then I share my logic.

These guys don’t really piss me off as much as the just frustrate the hell out of me. They actually feel that because they have watched so much boxing on television in their lifetimes, they know the real deal in the ring and behind the scenes. They actually believe that if given the chance, they could go up against a headliner such as Andre Ward or Miguel Cotto. That’s when I have to let them know that they wouldn’t even have a chance against the local young Golden Gloves contender if the opportunity presented itself. Then I tell the same thing I tell people who come up to me with asking what should they do to get into boxing?

Here’s my list to getting started:

1. Find a well equipped gym.
2. Get yourself an experienced trainer with a good reputation.
3. Dedicate yourself to the sport – If you don’t, you put yourself in danger.
4. Don’t be afraid to take chances – Fear of loosing or embarrassment get you nowhere.
5. Give up bad habits such as – Eating poorly, hanging out, alcohol / drugs etc.
6. Invest in yourself – Buy well made training equipment and gear.
7. Be positive about your mission – Don’t let in nor outside influences deter you from your goals.
8. Get some sleep – Rest is as important as training hard. Without it you will fade.
9. Tap into your spiritual energy – Meditation is one method to finding your focus.
10. Stay focused – Boxing has to be all about you so, keep distractions out of your training routine.

So I want you to be more than just a wing watcher take these tips into consideration and put yourself to the test.

Being Too Fierce

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