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Floyd Mayweather, JR Vs Conor McGregor – The Circus That’s Bad For Boxing!

conor-floyd-1By Sean “Oldest Youngest Man” Walsh

The proposed fight between, Floyd Mayweather, JR. and Conor McGregor is once again building momentum and hype at the prospect of two dominant athletes, in two contrasting disciplines meeting in the ring for what would be McGregor’s first foray into the pugilistic world and the magical fight number 50 for Floyd.

Many people are practically drooling over this clash, I can see why from a certain view. Two flash, ego driven and top draw competitors facing off, one brutal discipline versus another and the answer to the question MMA Vs Boxing, which is superior? The truth is neither one is above the other, I am not personally a fan of MMA beyond casual interest. However, I am far from against the sport I simply prefer boxing and this fight should it happen is in my humble opinion is a simple exhibition that holds no real benefit to either sport other than food to ego’s and money to those who only see dollar and pound signs.

Floyd Mayweather, JR. accomplished everything he could in the ring, an admirable record, championship belts and he managed to change the face of boxing and sport with his ability to tap into modern media and become a brand and product that has in some ways eclipsed the sport. However, for many years a line common from the Mayweather team in relation to possible opponents has been “what have they done to deserve the fight” yet he is now entertaining the prospect of fighting a person who although a great athlete has shown nothing to say he belongs in the boxing ring on the biggest stage of all. Surely this is insulting to the boxers who have spent years honing their craft, working consistently to reach the pinnacle of the sport, to earn the money and the glory. If the match up were to be fought within the rules of MMA the same would be true for Floyd being given the chance to face Conor.

The reality is Conor McGregor stands little to no chance of beating Floyd Mayweather, JR. within the rules of boxing. Love him or loathe him Floyd is a fighter who is at the highest level possible, his skills are polished through years of dedication and training. He has faced opponents who have dedicated their lives to the sport with no less heart than Mayweather, JR. himself every fighter who steps through the ropes at the peak of the sport has given more than many realize to be there. Is it acceptable that a novelty fight between two disciplines can be regarded as a genuine boxing match? McGregor is of an entirely different world than the one Floyd inhabits and the reverse is also true, putting Floyd into a cage against McGregor would need a miracle to gain a win. Floyd though elusive in boxing would not be able to defend against takedowns at such a level, would any of us expect a competitive match of football (soccer to some) between the England Rugby squad and the England Football team? perhaps a basketball game between the Green Bay Packers and the Harlem Globe Trotters? Of course the answer is no. The idea is ludicrous crossing disciplines is always a simple novelty and at times worth the cost, say a charity cause or to raise awareness but to be an actual main event is pretty bewildering to me.

Consider that if the fight happens, Floyd Mayweather, JR. will have reached the big 50 wins without defeat, surpassing Rocky Marciano and going down in the history books where he will no doubt stay way beyond my lifetime. That accolade would be achieved by fighting a man who although a great competitor within his own sport is not, nor ever will be a boxer. I know some may disagree and point out the excitement this fight brings but in my eyes, it is gobsmacking that it could be viewed as anything beyond a novelty act, not unlike the fight on the silver screen between Rocky Balboa and Thunderlips. I would personally not recognize the Floyd as being 50 and 0, under these circumstances.

This is nothing against the two men they are simply taking advantage of a situation, a situation that brings in money. If the fight were in aid of a worthwhile charity, perhaps to help veterans across the world or help in the fight against dementia and would not be part of any official record for either fighter I could fully support the bout, yet as a genuine boxing match I just cannot take it seriously.

I love the sport of boxing and believe that it could benefit greatly from a fight like this if it was done the right way, to bring a positive light to a sport often judged unfairly, by giving something back to a greater cause. That sadly seems to be wishful thinking as the only benefit anyone seems interested in is the benefit to their bank balance and ego. I know many will disagree with this opinion and I welcome any discussion on the matter, however I for one think as it stands right now this bout is bad for boxing.

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