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Floyd Mayweather, JR Are You Listening to the Real Boxing Fans and Not Your Accountant? Facing Conor McGregor is One Thing – A Sideshow at the CIRCUS!

Do you think any boxing commission should sanction this fight and give Floyd his 50th win?

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floyd-mayweather-money-suit-cashBy “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

The self proclaimed TBE Floyd “Make It Rain” Mayweather, JR. 49-0, 26 KO’s whether you like him or not, is the greatest fighter of his generation no matter how many fighters you wish he would have fought. He possesses skills that you very rarely see in the ring. If I am to be fair, though I detest him personally for his antics, he is a brilliant business man as well. But… Him facing a UFC fighter in Conor McGregor, who is a superstar in his profession, but has no possible chance to beat Floyd even at 40, in the coveted square ring! This is a business move and shame on any “Make It Rain” Mayweather, JR. fans who condone this garbage!

Earlier tonight, I shot an episode of the RSR Video Email Bag Show and was asked about this fight. My response can be watched here.

Not to repeat my entire answer so you can see it on my show, I will tell you this much. Floyd, you are becoming the next Butterbean. What is this fight going to be four rounds? How in the hell does any sanctioning boxing body allow this fight, and if so, how could it be more than four rounds with McGregor having never fought as a professional boxer? Look, I like McGregor’s shtick even though I am not a big fan of UFC fighting. But like I do with boxers, I respect any MMA fighter who has the balls to get in that cage, as fighters do a ring.

Floyd, you are fleecing your true fans and even though I have never been one, (For the record – I do think he was much more enjoyable to watch when he was “Pretty Boy” and was a monster in the ring – watch his beating he laid on the late Diego Corrales in 2001).

But that was a long time ago. “Make It Rain” Mayweather, JR.’s ego wants a 50-0 record which I said he would come back to get many times on my show, but I didn’t think it would be against a UFC fighter, without one professional boxing match. I also don’t think any boxing commission should sanction this bout, so when he does win, he can’t get number 50 on his ledger.

There are other fighters out there he could face on a PPV and give him a challenge. Names like Keith Thurman, Errol Spence, JR. (should he get past Kell Brook), Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, and Danny Jacobs (at a catch weight – and though I hate catch weights, this would not be for a title since “Make It Rain” Mayweather, JR. doesn’t need anymore) are fights the boxing fans would be happy with.

Yes, folks back in the 80’s and earlier, many champions fought non – title bouts to stay busy when they didn’t have a fighter that they could defend against. We need those days back now as well!

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