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UFC Fight for the Troops Shocking Results

By Sean Farrell

Wiman vs. Miller

Cole Miller looked dominate in the UFC until he ran into fellow roommate on the Ultimate Fighter 5 Matt Wiman. Wiman dominated Miller for all three rounds leaving Miller no chance of earning the victory. From the start it was a fight as Miller went to touch gloves and Wiman didn’t feel the sportsmanship was necessary. Wiman pressed forward and was the aggressor for all fifteen minutes as he ground and pound Miller to a easy unanimous decision. Miller for the first time was dominated he has been beaten before but never dominated the way Wiman handled him. Wiman has improved dramatically along with the competition he has faced leaving only one question: When will he peak?

Barry vs. Beltran

This was a slugfest from the get go as both heavyweights chose to strike instead of wrestle as expected. Barry tried to keep the contest a clean technical striking contest, Beltran however wanted to brawl and pressed the action trying to engage just that. Through the first two rounds Barry wouldn’t engage in such a senseless act and stuck to his technical striking of leg and head kicks hurting Beltran with every leg kick thrown causing noticeable damage to Beltran’s leg. Beltran never quit coming forward though and the contest remained close, In the third round Beltran wanted to scrap although in noticeable pain he pressed forward and brought the fight to Barry. Beltran pinned Barry against the cage and dirty boxed him for half the round once broken up Barry lands a series of leg kicks and pushed off and accidently poked Beltran in the eye. After a loud chant of “SUCK IT UP” from the US soldiers in attendance Beltran fought on after a brief delay. Barry continued to rip leg kicks dropping Beltran and started to rain punches onto the injured leg of Beltran. Beltran escapes but once back to his feet Barry rains leg kicks until the final horn, Beltran collapses immediately in apparent pain to left leg. The judges scored the bout (30-27) (29-28) (29-28) for the winner by unanimous decision Pat Barry. Pat Barry in tears after the bout read his father’s dog tags, Barry has worn them every day for 25 years since he received them at six years old, the only memento left of his father. Very emotional moment and made his impressive victory mean very little compared to the importance of the event and the purpose this military serves for our country.

Roop vs. Hominick

This 145 pound bout was very intriguing, Hominick wins he gets a title shot against Jose Aldo loses he climbs the ladder again. The first round opened with Roop using his reach and Hominick trying to close the gap, Hominick floors Roop once he closes the gap but Roop recovers. Hominick closes the gap permanently and lands punch after punch knocking Roop out and getting the TKO stoppage and title shot against Jose Aldo quickly at 1:28 of round one.
Mitrione vs. Hague

Mitrione refuses to touch Hague’s glove at the start of round one. Hague pressed the action as Mitrione chose to pick his shots. Mitrione landed a few leg kicks then dropped Hague with a short punch. Mitrione lands a straight left dropping Hague and follows up with ground and pound getting the TKO stoppage early and a “MEATHEAD” chant from the troops at 2:59 of round 1.

Dunham vs. Guillard

The main event of the evening at Fight for the Troops 2 was between current top 10 lightweight Evan Dunham and the widely underrated “Young Assassin” Melvin Guillard. Melvin Guillard from jump street used his excellent striking to destroy Evan Dunham, Dunham was the heavy favorite and could only muster a useless takedown which Guillard recovered from and absolutely landed everything he threw at Evan Dunham. Dunham was rocked by a knee but was held upright by the cage and Guillard pounced and finished one of the UFC’s hottest prospects at 2:58 of round number 1.

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