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Evander Holyfield – Sherman Williams Results: The Real Deal Rips Off His Fans

By Geno McGahee

Sherman “Tank” Williams, 34-11-2, 19 KO’s, was clearly on his way to stopping Evander Holyfield, 43-10-2, 28 KO’s, when “The Real Deal” cried foul over a head butt that he most likely caused and said he could not see, when the cut wasn’t even bleeding. Holyfield was getting rocked left and right and was on the way to losing by stoppage and used his name value to manipulate the situation and escape without a loss.

This is disgusting and everyone that sat through the horrible pay per view and the horrible music that they stuffed in between every fight should get a full refund. Williams was landing on Holyfield at will and beating him up, rocking him left and right and would have stopped him within six rounds, but Evander found his way out.

What is also as disgusting as the pay per view as a whole was how Holyfield complained about head butts after the fight. The hypocrisy continues… This is a disgrace and Holyfield is totally to blame for it. A man that built his career on courage found an easy way out tonight.

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