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Timothy Bradley & Devon Alexander Post Fight Quotes

Timothy Bradley: “If that’s the best in the world, that’s weak. He didn’t want to get hit with the big shot. Throughout the fight, we were both coming in, back and forth. Devon is a tough, tough warrior. He will be champion again….Regarding the last headbutt, we were both coming in trying to land the big shot. Give Alexander time, and he will box you to pieces. I didn’t give him that time.”

Devon Alexander: “I couldn’t see after the headbutt. He’s got a big head, he came at me full force. My eye was burning, I couldn’t see….You can’t work on a headbutt [in the gym], only skills. He didn’t stop me from using my skills. No excuses….There’s a rematch clause in the contract, and I want a rematch with Timothy Bradley.”

Kevin Cunningham: (Alexander’s trainer) “I told the referee before the fight that Bradley’s last six opponents have been cut by headbutts. I told him, I told him, I told him.”

Frank Garza: (Referee): “I ruled it an accidental headbutt, completely different from the earlier headbutt. I stopped the fight after consultation with the ringside physician.”

Dr. Peter Samet: (Ringside Physician): “I told Devon that he had to open his right eye or the fight would be over. I asked him to open his eye three times, but he couldn’t do it. I feared temporary nerve damage or temporary paralysis was preventing him from opening his eye, so I recommended to the referee that the contest be stopped.”

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