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Snowstorm of the Century: The Threat

By Geno McGahee

This winter has proven to pack a punch, much larger than many that have come before it. Today’s storm combined with the storm that is coming in directly after it have promised to deliver up to 2 feet of snow in some areas, and has been effecting the farmers across the nation, including the delivery and growth of products.

On top of the incredible hit on the farmers, driving conditions have been treacherous, leading to record numbers in accidents, from fender benders to fatalities. The majority of the newscasters and politicians have asked for the people to remain home and off the roads. States of Emergency have been called in many states already in anticipation of the second drop of snow that is on the way and has started in many states already.

It’s been called the “Snowstorm of the Century” by many, but with many weeks left to go before this winter ends, it’s not a safe bet that this will be the biggest hit we will take.

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