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Governor Jerry Brown Stuns California Voters

By “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

Governor Jerry Brown made his first “’State of the State” address to both Houses of the California State Legislature this past Monday. There is a projected state budget deficit of over $25 billion facing the incumbent Gov. and lawmakers.

During his speech Gov. Brown urged lawmakers to let voters decide the direction of the state as leaders cope with a gaping budget deficit, saying it would be “unconscionable” for them to block his request for a special election.

Brown again asked lawmakers to set aside their partisan differences for the good of California, which faces a $25.4 billion deficit through June 2012.
The Democratic Governor has proposed a ballot measure this June that would ask voters to extend temporary increases in the state’s sales, income and vehicle taxes for five years, but Republicans have said they will not allow it to go before voters.

Jerry Brown has been a savvy politician for many years and has a way of communicating to his constituents that may just lead them to voting the way he needs them to so he can in turn, revive the state of affairs California is currently in.

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