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Oscar De La Hoya Vs Julio Cesar Chavez JR: In the Works

By Geno McGahee

Oscar De La Hoya, 39-6, 30 KO’s, was the face of boxing for a long time and since his departure, there has been a big gap, but he plans to fill it again, beginning with an insult directed at Julio Cesar Chavez, JR., 42-0-1, 30 KO’s.

In 1996 and 1998, De La Hoya defeated Julio Cesar Chavez, SR., (TKO-4, TKO-8), and there is certainly a sell if he should take on the son, a fighter that is considered mediocre by most, and possibly less than that by Oscar.

De La Hoya recently noted on his twitter account: “I was watching Chavez JR. last night and I’m sorry but he just does not have it. There’s no pop in his punches, but I wish him the best.”

In his last fight, Oscar gave himself very little chance to win, draining himself down to 145 pounds and paying for it against the energetic and aggressive Manny Pacquiao. After 8 rounds, De La Hoya quit after taking a serious beating and not being able to react, but prior to that he defeated Steve Forbes (UD-12) and put up a decent fight in a losing effort against Floyd Mayweather, JR.

Chavez, JR’s career has been carefully crafted and he has been maneuvered into an undefeated career. He has been matched lightly and De La Hoya, even at his advanced age, would most likely win.

There have been constant rumors that De La Hoya was going to return and now it seems inevitable. He doesn’t want to leave the sport on the Pacquiao fight and he’s got a fighting spirit that all great champions. It really has never been a question of if he will return, but when he will and it now seems that it will be this year against Chavez, JR.

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