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Guitar Hero Scrapped: The Shocking Reason behind the Decision

By Geno McGahee

It was a video game that really caught on, turning the every day person into a rock star. It featured plastic guitars and recognizable tunes. It was “Guitar Hero,” but the end is upon us. Guitar Hero is no more.

With the sales in the garbage, the company behind the game has decided that they weren’t going to develop any new versions of the game. Activision Blizzard Inc. said it will end the franchise, which began in 2005. It was so popular that an entire episode of SOUTH PARK was dedicated to it.

Some contend that the game ran its course while others contend that there is a bigger reason behind the game coming to a halt. The persistent rumor is that the music that has been used, including Metallica has been increasingly harder to get and make a profit with. With the music industry crying loss at every turn, recently shutting down Limewire, a file sharing network, demanding more out of a game that uses their music would not be out of the question.

Whether its sales or the cost of the music involved, Guitar Hero has seen its end.

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