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Floyd Mayweather, JR was Great, But TBE?


Do you agree with "The Beret" on his final call if Floyd is the TBE in his article?

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By Brian “The Beret” Young

Floyd Mayweather, JR. is a great boxer, there is no question about it. He is also a loud talker who has crowned himself “TBE” for The Best Ever. While it is always difficult to compare eras, I would like to take a look at several pugilists from the recent past, to the not so recent past, to see if Floyd’s claim of being TBE is legit.

The biggest claim that Floyd refers to is his 50-0 record, but 50-0 isn’t something unique. There have been several fighters that have accomplished this feat, they just didn’t stop there. Should the additional fights cost them their rightful crown as TBE? Let’s take a look at just a few of these fighters.

Julio Cesar Chavez was victorious in his first 87 fights, capturing several world titles along the way. He defeated Mario Martinez to win the WBC super featherweight title in his 44th career bout. In his 57th fight he scored a TKO over Edwin Rosario to take his WBA lightweight title. In fight 62, he won the WBC and lineal lightweight titles via a unanimous decision over Jose Luis Ramirez. In his very next fight he defeated Roger Mayweather to claim the WBC light welterweight title. His 69th victory, although controversial, was his TKO of Meldrick Taylor where he won the IBF and lineal light welterweight titles. His first blemish didn’t come until fight 88, a draw with Pernell Whitaker. Finally, he dropped his first fight via a split decision to “The Surgeon” Frankie Randall in his 91st bout. A loss he would avenge less than four months later. His first decisive loss came at the hands of a young Oscar De La Hoya in fight 99. A final record of 107-6-2 with 86 KO’s, to me, if far superior to 50-0.

Ricardo Lopez completed his career with a 51-0-1 record having beaten every man he ever faced in the ring. His lone blemish came in his 48th career fight against Rosendo Alvarez which ended in a technical draw after the fight was stopped after 8 rounds due to a cut on Lopez following an accidental clash of heads. Eight months later, Lopez won a split decision over Alvarez in their rematch. After winning three more fights, Lopez retired with that impressive career mark.
Sugar Ray Robinson won his first 50 fights before dropping a unanimous decision to Jake LaMotta. Of course, he did face and defeat LaMotta a mere 21 days later, winning a warm-up fight in between. Those were in a run of 14 more consecutive victories, two against LaMotta, until he fought to a draw against Jose Basora in his 56th career bout. 4 years and 36 consecutive victories followed until his next draw against Henry Brimm. 6 more years and 38 more wins came before his next loss to Randy Turpin in his 132nd fight. A final scorecard of 173-19-6 with 2 no contests wrap up perhaps the most impressive career ever.

Sticking with the generation that really cannot be compared to any other, the “Will O’ The Wisp” Willie Pep called it a career with 229 victories against only 11 losses and 1 draw. Included in that record was a 62-0 start that was halted by Sammy Angott, who scored a unanimous decision over Pep. Following that speed bump, Pep won his next 28 bouts before a majority draw with Jimmy McAllister stopped that streak. 44 more wins followed the draw until Sandy Saddler knocked Pep out in 4 rounds in October of 1948. Eight years into his career and a record of 134-2-1 didn’t slow him down as he won his next 16 fights, including a unanimous decision over Saddler before going 8-2 over his next 10, bookended by defeats to Sandy Saddler. However, Willie Pep could not even see his 50th fight from the top of a mountain by this time in his career.

Ruben “El Puas” Oliveras did have a draw in his 27th bout, but fought to a record of 61-0-1 before his first defeat at the hands of Chucho Castillo. He went on to win 89 of his 105 fights, 79 by KO. (Remember Money has 27 KO’s)
Carlos Zarate was 52-0 before he lost to Wilfredo Gomez and finished with a record of 66-4-0.

Cuban boxer Eligio Sardinas Montalvo, known as Kid Chocolate (sorry Peter Quillin) was 55-0-1 before his first defeat in 1930.

Roy Jones, JR. began his career with 34 consecutive wins prior to his absurd disqualification to Montell “Ice” Griffin. He would knock out Griffin less than five months later. He would suffer his first real loss in his 51st bout.

Pascual Perez (the boxer, not the pitcher) lost for the first time as a professional in his 53rd career fight. He also won a gold medal as a flyweight in the 1948 Olympic Games. Standing 4’11’, he was slightly taller than Mayweather, JR.

Luis Ramon “Yori Boy” Campas won his first 56 bouts prior to suffering a knockout against Felix Trinidad.

Marvelous Marvin Hagler didn’t even get his first title shot until his 50th professional fight. He did suffer two defeats prior to his title shot, but did not lose another fight until he walked away from the sport following the highly controversial loss to Sugar Ray Leonard, finishing with a record of 62-3-2.

Lastly, there is a current fighter with a record of 52-0-0. Chayaphol Moonsri, also known as Wanheng Menayothin, or even as “The Thailand Dwarf Giant” or “The Five Star Grilled Chicken”. He is a mini-flyweight, but 52-0 is 52-0.
All of these boxers have either eclipsed or at least approached the magic 50-0 that Floyd, JR. often boasts about. Is it possible that his lack of activity saves him? Granted, he has made enough money as to not have to fight 100 times. Although he does have wins over some great fighters, Diego Corrales, Manny Pacquiao, Canelo Alvarez, Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, let’s look at that list a little closer. With the exception of Corrales (who was amazing) all those men were either past their prime or before it in the case of Canelo. Should that allow him to make his claim of being TBE?

Yes, Floyd Mayweather, JR. is a GREAT fighter, but TBE? Sorry Floyd….

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