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Boxing Bracket Bonus Championship Harry Greb Vs Julio Cesar Chavez, SR


By Brian “The Beret” Young

Well we started out with 64 fighters and we have narrowed it down to these two great champions. Who will win and be the first Boxing Bracket Champion? This is how I see the fight playing out. Again, this is my opinion, not that of RingSideReport.com. Agree? Disagree? Did you enjoy the fantasy bracket? Let us know what you think, as this is for and about the fans. And now we take you to the fantasy match-up.

The sold-out crowd was on edge with the anticipation while waiting for the two warriors to enter the arena for the Boxing Bracket Championship. Which man would be awarded the 1st ever Golden Beret? Both men overcame the odds on their respective roads to this match. The Pittsburgh Windmill, Harry Greb, had to defeat Gene Tunney, Sam Langford, Henry Armstrong, Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali.

Julio Cesar Chavez, SR. for his part had as difficult a road to this match beating Joe Calzaghe, Thomas Hearns, Evander Holyfield, Roy Jones, JR. and Roberto Duran! And now, these two men needed to square off, because there can only be one winner.

Greb entered the ring first, making his way to the ring with his seconds, eyes down, ignoring the roar of the crowd and almost oblivious to the flash bulbs exploding all around him. Once he stepped thru the ropes he headed straight for his corner, pacing like a caged tiger. His face like stone, no emotion, just a piercing stare. Soon the crowd would erupt again as the Mexican icon stepped into sight. His customary red headband on, he began bouncing and throwing punches before he began his walk to the ring. A smile on his face as he seemed to take in all the love and affection of the thousands of those in attendance. For Chavez, this wasn’t just a fight for the Golden Beret, this was a fight for his countrymen. As he stepped thru the ropes he thrust his fist in the air much to the delight of the ringside photographers who snapped countless pictures. But thru all the pomp, Greb stood staring, now his eye locked onto Chavez as the ring announcer began his introductions.

Once the formalities were finished the fighters stepped to the center of the ring for final instructions, Chavez bouncing and loosening up, Greb standing still staring into the eyes of his foe. In just a few moments the men would retreat to their corners and the moment we have all been waiting for would arrive.

The bell sounded and Greb rushed from his corner and with his head in Chavez’s chest he pushed the Mexican legend to the ropes and began throwing a wild barrage of punches to the head and body. Chavez, ducking and bobbing, tried to fight Greb off, but Greb was just too wild, Chavez eventually had to wrap his arms around the windmill and wait for the referee to break them apart. Once separated and told to fight, Greb tried rushing again, but the crafty Chavez slipped to his left and Greb ran himself into the corner. Before Chavez could take advantage of his position, Greb slid long the ropes and out of harm’s way. Chavez tried to get the action in the center of the ring, using a jab to hold off the onslaught of Greb and with a few second to go in the round Chavez landed a big left hook to the body that Greb seemed to take well, but as the bell rang it was obvious Greb was rubbing his side.

Round two began just as one had, but this time Chavez was able to land some inside punches that moved Greb back just enough for Julio to slip out and attempt to get back to the center of the ring. Harry, head down and elbows up, rushed Chavez again. Once inside he began throwing the barrage of punches that seemed to never stop. Chavez, for his part, was throwing back. Not at the speed, but with a more calculating timed offense. Neither man seemed to give an inch and as the bell rang both men were still throwing punches long after the bell. Once they were separated it was clear that both men would be in for a long night.

For the next three rounds it was more of the same, both men refusing to give an inch, and both with what appeared to be super human endurance. Then late in the 5th round Greb got Chavez against the ropes again and landed a devastating left hook, followed by a left elbow, the opened a cut over the eye of Chavez. Chavez feeling his own blood went into a rage, grabbed Greb, spun him around and began throwing everything he had, but the wild swinging was not nearly as effective as he would have liked, missing far more than landing and wasting energy while Greb put a guard up and rolled with whatever Chavez threw, occasionally using his head as a weapon when Chavez got too close. When the bell rang to end the 5th Greb smiled and walked to his corner while Chavez was pushed to his by the ref. The corner went to work on the cut but it was a bad one and they could only slow the bleeding down, Meanwhile, his corner was yelling at him to get the champs attention, to calm down and not get so wild. To use his superior skill and timing. But Chavez was livid and wanted the blood of Greb.

Greb was up 3 rounds to two on the majority of ringside observer’s cards, and his confidence was obvious. When the bell rang to start round 6 he allowed Chavez to come to him for the first time, and when Chavez went on the attack Greb timed him and landed another big left as Chavez came in, instantly opening up the cut above his eye. This in no way slowed Chavez down, he put his head down and bull rushed Greb, this time using his physical strength to force Greb against the ropes. Chavez unloaded on Greb, throwing 13 unanswered punches. Greb, for his part, was taking the shots well and eventually forced a clinch. When the ref was separating the two, Greb put the palm of his glove in Chavez’s face, forcing the referee to issue a warning to clean it up or lose a point. After the warning was issued the bell sounded to end the round and now it looked like the score was even.

Round 7 began and something strange happened, neither man rushed the other, both appeared to be waiting on the other. They met in the center of the ring and Chavez again started working off his jab. Greb attempted to jab back but couldn’t time the Mexican legend. Out of frustration he tried leaping in with a hook but Chavez caught him and stunned Greb with a solid right cross that landed perfect. Greb was staggered and grabbed Chavez but Julio kept punching, landing short uppercuts and hooks to the body. They were broken up but it was clear Greb was hurt, and he got on his bike and tried shaking the cobwebs off. But Chavez was like a shark, circling his opponent once he smelled blood, but the bell rang and Greb was saved.

Chavez refused to sit in his corner and now he was the pacing tiger. Greb’s team was doing all they could to revive Harry. The bell rang and shockingly Greb bounced off his stool and rushed Chavez again, throwing a wild selection of punches. Where he got the energy I’ll never know. Chavez tried to roll with the shots and land some of his own on the inside but now knew why Greb was called the “Human Windmill”. He was relentless and for a good 40 seconds just threw and threw and threw, his arms never seemed to tire. The referee was close by, possibly thinking of stepping in to stop the action, or the fight, but just then Chavez landed an uppercut from the Gods. Greb was stood straight up and somehow Chavez was able to follow up with and over hand right that sent Greb reeling back. Chavez now had his opening and landed another right that send Greb to the opposite side of the rings ropes. Chavez went in for the kill and landed a shot to the body of the dazed Greb followed by 5 unanswered punches to the head. Greb now slid down to the canvas. The referee sent Chavez to a neutral corner and began his count, Greb was up at the count of 7 and was set to continue when he attempted to take a step forward he fell face first and tried to get up, but the referee called it off. At 2:45 seconds of round 8 Julio Cesar Chavez, SR. was the winner of the Golden Beret in the first ever RingSideReport.com fantasy boxing bracket via TKO over Harry Greb!

Let’s hear what you think of the finals and of the tournament as a whole and thanks for indulging this boxing nerd in a fantasy bracket.

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