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Alfred Adams: Venture Capital, Boxing, LaTavia Roberson & More…


Exclusive Interview By “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

Alfred Adams is part of Roberson Sports Management with former Destiny’s Child LaTavia Roberson. Together, they want to bring a new run in boxing doing things the way they feel is going to help boxers and boxing move forward. Here his thoughts in this exclusive RSR interview.

BB: Your background based on your bio is a venture capitalist. I know what that is, but for the RSR readers, break it down for them in layman terms what one is.

Long before Shark Tank was a thought, I was doing the same thing. As a venture capitalist I would look for different businesses to invest in to get the biggest return for the least amount of risk. We would also make sure we set up tax deferred investments for our clients to get a larger return on our investments while not paying taxes until later, or never while using the tax codes to our benefit.

BB: What has been the single biggest thing in your many years of being friends with LaTavia and her business partner that you are most proud of?

How she never gives up and always comes back stronger than before when she has been knocked down in life.

BB: From your own personal mission statement, what are two things that may be different from LaTavia’s who was also asked this question about Roberson Sports Management that you want all boxers and the boxing world to know?

That Roberson Sports Management is looking to clean up all the bad rumors you hear in the sport. We want to make sure the fighters we manage have money to retire too, as to being famous and broke.

BB: What do you feel are LaTavia’s biggest strengths that she brings in from her success with her years in Destiny’s Child?

The level of fame she got is one thing, but the knowledge she gained on brand building is priceless.

Being a boxing fan for so many years, let me throw some questions at you about the sport.

BB: Who is your favorite fighter of all time and why?

Muhammad Ali – speed, style, strength, – the head games he would play – loved the rhymes.

BB: What is the greatest fight you have ever seen and why?

Holyfield Vs Tyson 1 – it was a real war.

BB: Who is your favorite boxing commentator of all time and why?

Emanuel Steward – very smart guy.

BB: If you had the power to change one thing in boxing, what would you choose to change?

Make it federally regulated.

Now let’s give the RSR readers a 180 of you off the entertainment and boxing stuff.

Favorite football team?

New Orleans Saints.

Favorite basketball team?

New Orleans Pelicans.

Favorite baseball team?

St. Louis Cardinals.

Favorite genre of movies?


Favorite movie?

Passion of Christ.

Favorite Actor?

Denzel Washington.

Favorite Actress?

Sandra Bullock.

Favorite musical band?


Favorite concert you have seen to date?


Favorite Male Singer?

Brian McKnight.

Favorite Female Singer?

Jennifer Lopez.

Favorite song?

Depends on Mood, so hard to tell.

Favorite car?

Funny thing, I can’t drive. So, not sure, am more of a Grand Theft Auto kind of driver, so I stopped when I was 16. Never been behind a wheel since.

Favorite noise or sound you like to hear?


Least favorite noise or sound you like to hear?

My alarm at 5:00AM when I been working until 3:00 AM.

Favorite food?


If you hit the lottery tomorrow, what would be the first thing you would do?


Favorite vacation destination?

Any place where there are clean beaches.

BB: If you could meet one person from any time in history, who would it be and what would your first question be for them?

Jesus – What did you write in the sand?

BB: With everything we discussed, in a few thoughts, sum up who Alfred Adams as a human being?

Am just an average guy with a fun job.

BB: Finally, what is the saying you live your life by?

“Don’t rush through life, you’re only rushing to the grave”.

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