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Letters to The Editor: Outraged Former Trumpets, Pete Supporters, Jews Voting Blue, & More!


Compiled by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

Reformed Trumpet…

Dear Editor,

In 2016, I was so fed up with President Obama’s policies I couldn’t see straight. In comes Donald J. Trump. He was not a politician; he was the host of my favorite show The Apprentice and I loved when he bellowed “You’re Fired”! Being a lifelong Republican, I wanted Obama out and someone in that broke the status quo! That was Trump. Or at least I thought that. Now self-confession, I was so wrong! Yes, I didn’t like Obama as I stated for his policies, but never and I mean never did I feel he didn’t act presidential or wasn’t sincere in what he thought he was doing to move our country forward. In November 2016, I went into the voting booth to take back our country to be run a Republican way I thought.

Yes, I knew Trump was uncouth, but let’s be honest, most have skeletons in their closets! So, Trump wins and I am elated. But wait, he gives a truly strange inauguration speech that has even one of my favorite Republican President’s George W. Bush leaning over to Hillary Clinton saying “That was some strange shit”.

It sure was. Then the inauguration crowd size bizarre story! Look, I could careless about crowd size, but geez Donald, it was proven yours was nowhere as near as big as Obama’s. I excused that and so much more! The Charlottesville thing was shocking, but I got caught up in the almost everyday thing from the Trump Camp of “they took what he said out of context”. I am not a fan of the media, so I bought in. Move to recent months. Trump’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic is not only tragic, it downright impeachable in my book.

As an American, I must apologize for my 2016 vote for Trump. He is the worst president I have ever seen and that honor went hands down to President Carter. A horrible president, but a good man and our finest ex-president for what he has done for humanity. I cannot say that any longer about Trump and I am off the Trump train. As much as I hate to say this, I am voting for Joe Biden not for him, but for our country because though he is not what I want, we cannot afford another four years of Trump. I will look down ballot to see if I can vote for some Republicans there.

Jim F.
Cincinnati OH

A Jew Voting Blue!

MR Editor,

Oy Vay is all I can say about Trump! He is like a bad batch of lox on my bagels. Joe Biden is the choice who will bring us moist brisket and a tisket a tasket, in our blue baskets! This Jew will vote Blue!

Morris F.
Yonkers, NY

Joe Must Win So Pete Can Get In!

MR Berkwitt,

I follow you on Twitter and truly thank you for allowing your readers the platform to speak out. I’m a diehard Pete Buttigieg supporter and hate the way that Trump would mock his last name! I know our beloved Pete didn’t get the nomination, but I am hoping Joe Biden wins and gives him a cabinet seat in his administration.

Tim D.
Dyer, Indiana

Gutless Republicans!

“Bad” Brad,

I have followed your columns and interviews for years on Ringside Report. Brave move to do this column for your readers, but I so admire the balls! You may not recall, but I met you with my son years back ringside at Michael’s Eighth Ave in Glen Burnie, MD. I will never forget the kindness you showed my son Sean, who wanted to box and you sat there for ten minutes or more talking with him. He is now 23 and he still remembers that night like it was yesterday. He did box as an amateur and did very well, but went on to college. Now back to the real reason I am writing. My family are all diehard Democrats for years!

Being the type of the guy, who voted across party lines for the best candidate, I am going to do that this time again. I was hoping like Edward Kennedy tried to attempt to primary Carter in 1980, we would have had a Republican with the balls to do it to Trump! A few really nobodies like Welsh and Wellman tried, but they had as much of a chance as Tyson’s first 18 opponents did of seeing a decision! Kasich would have been the one, but he showed no guts! Biden is not my guy by a longshot, but I have to vote my conscience and that means getting Trump out! I hope before we both leave to the big boxing ring in the sky, we meet again.

George P.
Severn, MD

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