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Letters to the Editor: Reunited Through the Memory of Alvin Berkwitt Who Always Stood On The Right Side of History, The Pence’s Stories Just Don’t Add Up, Bring On The Presidential Debates, & More…


Compiled by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

The Pence’s Stories Just Don’t Add Up

Dear Editor,

Being a religious person, I would be remiss if I didn’t say I pray for our President daily and daily, he breaks my heart. The lord gives us free will and what Mr Trump does with it is downright sad. Vice President Pence’s wife now can be added to that list! I read a story today on a reputable news website that she said her husband Mike was not informed prior to going the Mayo Clinic about their mask policy. I find that hard to believe, I really do.

They even tweeted out the article said they told him, but then they deleted it. Were they bullied? But let’s just say they didn’t tell Vice President Pence. When he got there and saw everyone else wearing one, wouldn’t common sense prevail? I will continue to pray for President Trump and his administration, but I am not a fool to know it will not change. God also gave my free will and I will be using that at the polls on November 3rd to vote for VP Joe Biden. President Trump and VP Pence need to be sent home, where they both belong.

Ginger D.
Bismarck, ND

Reunited Through the Memory of Alvin Berkwitt Who Always Stood On The Right Side of History


Long time young man like almost 40 years too long. You may or may not recall me. I was an associate of your father Alvin when you both lived in Eastern Shores (North Miami Beach) in the same apartment building as my husband Jay, who has since passed on. Jay and your dad would play cards and sit out by the bay talking for hours about the old days since they were very close in age.

Your father would tell Jay many times he hoped the values and passion to champion what was right that he instilled in you from a young age would still continue after he was gone. Sadly, I am so sorry that when you moved back to New York in 1984, I lost touch. Just know I never forgot you. In my search for you, my heart is elated and my eyes are full of tears because not only have you continued in your father’s footsteps, you emulate him to a tee.

It’s like seeing Al is in all his glory taking on what he felt was wrong on the side of right. I know from reading so many things you have written about him over the years, your true love and acknowledgment of how great he was. I also want you to know from my heart, he was truly all of what you said and so much more too so many people. If he were alive today, he would fight Trump and all of his evil doings, as he did against Anita Bryant, in the 70’s and for African Americans in the 60’s, along with so many other causes. Alvin Berkwitt was a true champion of the everyday man no matter their color, religion or sexual orientation. And you Bradley, are your father.

Being part Irish, I want to leave this prayer with you. “May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand.” (Editor’s note: Mrs W, I am floored to get this letter from you. In fact, I am in tears as I type this. Not only do I remember you and Mr W, God rest his soul, my father adored you both. The power of the internet once again, shows just how powerful it really is. Please be safe and again, thank you so much for sharing about my father. I have had many folks over the years do it and when they do, it feels like he came back to me if only for that moment, which I will take. I will be in touch soon.)

Patrice W.
North Miami Beach, Florida

Bring On The Presidential Debates

Dear Editor,

I actually am looking forward to the debates. If I had to wager, it will be the most watched TV in the history of TV. They need to do an over and under so I can bet on them.

Dave C.
Newbern, North Carolina

Networks Please Shut Trump Off

Mr Editor,

My head is about to explode like in the Sci Fi movie Scanners if I hear Trump at one more daily press briefing. It’s really bad reality TV! All networks including Fox, should cut him off and only air the doctors speaking. November 3rd, I will be at the polls even if I have to go in a knight’s armor because I am voting for Biden to end this nightmare of the last 3 ½ years.

Mike D.
Woodbridge, NJ

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