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Should Uncle Joe Ask Aunt Betsy to Be his VP?


By E.L. Alexander

If you have watched The View, the hosts have insufferably leaned in Joe Biden’s direction during this democratic adventure to try to reinstate some sense of democracy. Whoopi won’t mention Trump’s name, Joy Behar repeats his insanity week after week, Sunny Hostin continues to bring forth Warren’s power, when she is hardly mentioned by the other hosts. Meghan McCain, while conservative to her roots, but also anti-trump, acts as a fairly unbiased political analyst and continues to see Warren as a strong voice, especially after she eviscerats Michael Bloomberg repeatedly. All of these women still hesitate to say they are feminists—which is significant when you see that Elizabeth Warren is a stanch feminist in every way you can imagine.

Most of them are very moderate in their presumptive politics, which is probably why they didn’t get on board with Warren when she became a significant force to reckon with her “plans.” I felt, however, that their reluctance to embrace her comes from a fear that veering too far left would make the Democrats lose the election to Trump. While Sunny Hostin has also repeatedly stated she would prefer a woman of color to be Joe’s VP, is the point to just pick of the women of color, exclusively? Should it be the goal to pick the person who will balance Uncle Joe’s moderate politics, but also address the very complex issues faced by poor, middle and working class Americans in this time of a national crisis, led by a malignant narcissist?

So, these women, in my learned opinion, exemplify the real feelings of most of America. We want to fix the disaster that is our current government but going all the way to what we really want, might negate a real win. So, by default, Joe Biden melts into the role of “electable” despite his frequent gaffs and controversy, including the Tara Reade accusations (which disturb me).

Elizabeth Warren, a wise, learned and easily understood progressive, doesn’t go too far, so as to propose useless propagandizing, offers up solutions to pragmatic problems in our economy and social repressive and racist problems. She has spent actual time researching, asking questions and relating to the people directly affected by the issues our people face. She is really the Aunt Betsy we can count on to help us make things happen. Uncle Joe needs Aunt Betsy to make the White House, the People’s house, function with some stability, direction, research and possibility.

However, the rampant misogyny will always be present when a woman presents with ultimate authority and knowledge—and men and women who hate women, innately, will find every way they can to attack any forward motion of a women who is poised to make real change in our country. Additionally, people of color and in particular, the Black community are pushing for a Woman of Color to be Joe Biden’s running mate. It is a good idea, for this country to move forward in addressing the institutionalized racist rules that have driven the rise of White supremacy in the past two decades.

People of Color, naturally, will always be suspicious of a white person saying they will address issues of racism, because they have always, ALWAYS been shoved to the bottom of the priorities list “for the greater good” in many political leaders agendae. Joe Biden has put in the time, over many years, to win the trust of these communities, and unlike Warren, was elected on a presidential ticket with a person of color. Warren has put in her own time trying to win over the community, and while many leaders in those communities are very supportive, not enough are to win the ticket, by herself.

The issues of trust can only be built with the confidence in Joe Biden. His credibility can only be reinforced if his choice for running mate is generally accepted and supported by people of color AND the left as well as the moderate in the democratic and independent communities. The biggest fear, I believe, is that misogyny will win out, as will the suspicion of a white woman not fully vetted by historical interaction by Warren, despite her radical, practical and necessary plans which address the economic disenfranchisement of communities of color through relining, default criminalization of poverty and mass incarceration of young black men which has perpetuated harm to families and a destruction of stability in communities of color.

However, Joe Biden came into the default nomination only by a deep riverbed that was worn for him by his predecessors, who are unwilling to let the creek divert. Elizabeth Warren offers a diversion—but it is uncertain if the water will flow down her pipeline, and truly assist Joe Biden to become a very successful and sorely needed president in this time of extreme crisis.

Fear cannot make change happen. If people are tired of lies, and willing to finally embrace intellect and intelligent governing, then Elizabeth Warren is the best choice, despite the issues of race involved. Race is never a solitarily good reason to put someone in office. Only if Biden expects a partner as his running mate will Elizabeth Warren be the best choice. If not a partner, the running mate can very well be any of the women who are prominent in the field of choice, such as Stacey Abrams, Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar, who are some of women in the pool of choice. Each of those women can advise and assist Biden on his own agenda, but Elizabeth Warren can form the path to great structural change. Uncle Joe and Aunt Betsy can make America a democracy with a good safety net for the venerable and address institutional racism at its core. Since Biden has already adopted the bankruptcy plan Warren has formulated, he will be best assisted by someone who can do the work, because she is more interested in the work, than just the position.

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