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Doctor Dummy J. Trump Yearns for the Nobel Prize in Medicine!


By Ricky Neross

Yesterday Andy Borowitz wrote a very funny piece in the New Yorker Online about our boy Donnie winning the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Let’s not be so quick to laugh. No doubt in my mind, Donnie thinks that he should win the prize. He was upset that he didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize along with his buddy Kim Young Dong. And he was very upset that he wasn’t chosen as the Time Magazine Person of the Year. He went ballistic on Twitter against 17 year old Greta Thunberg. How low can you go??? Donnie keeps finding answers to that question.

As for his chance to win the prize in Medicine I am sure he believes that there are several ways. He is taking Hydroxychloroquine and has recommended to everyone. Even though he is causing a shortage for patients who have Malaria , Lupus and other ailments the drug was created for, he seems to be the poster boy for this drug that has not shown any promise of healing Covid-19 or as I call it the Trump Virus. You think that because he bought stock in the company that has tainted his view. Funny but I never knew that Donnie got a medical degree. Perhaps he got one at the Liberty College Medical School. That’s the school that teaches instead of surgery just pray the abnormality out of your body by raising your hands and yelling, “Satan you devil leave this body.”

Donnie also has his other treatments for the Trump Virus. I personally thinks his creative use of a Bleach, Drano and flashlight combination Cocktail could win it for him. No doubt after ingesting that lovely mix the patient will not have the dreaded Trump Virus anymore. But down in the morgue the patient will have a smile on his face and a light coming out of his nose, eyes, ears and butt. All I can say is thank you Mr. President. All my fears of the virus are gone and since you don’t wear a mask why should I? After all I have Hydroxychloroquine, Drano and Bleach.

Remember send your letter’s to the Nobel Committee and support our Stable Genius President. Rumor out that Heckle and Jeckle his two older boys have sent in letters nominating their father for the Nobel.

Your Medical Reporter

Lord Ernie

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