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Actor James Woods Attacks Americans, Military Veterans & Others on Twitter – Then Blocks Them When They Hit Him Back!


By “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

Twitter is a platform where everyday Americans and others from around the world can have a voice. Sometimes it’s for good. Sometimes it’s for pure hatred, racism and bullying. One such person who uses his personal Twitter page for hatred, racism and bullying is actor James Woods. Or as I call him “Straight to DVD” Woods. He is one of those insane people who dabbles in conspiracy theories and at every turn, condones Donald J. Trump’s racist, evil and embarrassing ways. Not to stop there….He is like his man Trump who insults women, and many others, but like Donald, when he gets called out, he acts like a petulant child.

I, among many other Americans including my fellow veterans have taken him to task on Twitter about his utter bullshit he tweets out.

He has attacked people’s mother’s and his usual rhetoric is typical of a keyboard warrior. Yesterday like Woods always does, he was spewing evil vitriol on Twitter and I among many others let him have it. Well, being the wimp, he is, just like his orange morbidly obese God in the QVC House, he blocked me! Trump as of yet, has not blocked me on Twitter, but I am sure it will be coming any day now…

What a “Badge of Honor” it is to be blocked by “Straight to DVD” James Woods who like Trump, thinks only one side gets to have their say.

I served our country honorably for 20 years and 28 days in the US Navy during war and peacetime! I fought for all sides to have their rights to speak out even when I disagree with them. Never do I a run from a fight!

Woods, acts like a real-life Lester Diamond the sleazy character he played in the hit movie Casino. I will give him this. He is a damned good actor because I can’t tell where Lester left off and Woods carried on!

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