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Donald Trump’s Saturday Private Thoughts That He Doesn’t Tweet!


By Jo-Ann “Jo D NL” Duke

The diary scribblings of T4: Temper Tantrum Toddler Trump

Dear Diary,

Hey, it’s me, Donny again.

It’s always Fauci, Fauci, Fauci. Why can’t those bad press people stop talking to me about him, and stop asking me about him. He is so awful, he won’t tell people to do what I say, and he tells them the truth. I don’t like him, but I can’t say that, not out loud.

I tell the people looking at me all the time that we get along, but I don’t listen to him, cause he won’t do what I want; he drives me crazy, if he just did like he was told, then everyone would like me again.

He’s the reason people are mad at me, because of him, the bad people say that I don’t do what’s needed. Why would they say that, I listen to all the people, then I do what I want.

That’s because you know I am the smartest, the bestest, I always am, he’s just jealous of me, everyone loves me, well, not really, but I want them to, it makes me feel good when they yell and clap for me.

I am always smart, and right, I don’t need to be a doctor, I know what will make people better, I have said that for months. He’s so foolish; now, I tell people about the doctor who agrees with me, that there is a cure for that thing, Covid.

See I was right all along, and she proved it. I was right and Fauci was wrong, na na na na. Well, time to go have some fun, yay golf. I can’t wait, I really love golf, and so do my friends like Lindsey.

We play together when we can, but the people are always taking my picture. They know that I always look good, and they want to see me.

Love you lots.

Your best friend, always,


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