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Releasing The Fear: Embracing The Win!


By Janet Grace

1. We’ve got a major election coming up.

2. There’s still an untreated pandemic.

3. People are dying daily from it.

4. There is a Civil War going on between Nazis, Supremacists, Racists, Magats and the rest of the Republic.

5. Mental and Emotional turmoil are at the highest they’ve ever been with people exhibiting P.T.S.D., depression, etc.

6. The unemployment rate is high.

7. Our First Amendment rights are being violated daily.

8. The Black Lives Matter movement is being vilified.

9. There are unlawful individuals, regardless of political affiliation, targeting our protests.

10. Trump allowed a bounty to be paid for our soldiers to be hunted and killed.

11. Trump is eradicating our democracy in an unprecedented attempt to remain in office by simultaneously working with (a) foreign government(s) to steal the 2020 election while disobeying, bypassing, using Putin’s playbook to do whatever he wants with us

12. Many states still do not have safe plans for allowing children back into the classrooms and they are insisting that the children be present for school.

13. There are still children and adult seekers in cages.

These are just some of the issues happening in our Republic alone and what every regular working class person and those lacking what it takes to sustain them, awaken to in America, if they’re; indeed, lucky enough TO wake up.

Of course, we’re tired, drained, reaching for external methods to ease our minds and emotions.

Let’s stop there for a moment. Let’s go to that mental, emotional state. Let’s take a look at that.

There is a belief familiar to some called: “The Law of Attraction” that states: That like unto itself is drawn.” Said another way, like attracts like.

It claims that depending on how and what you FEEL will manifest itself into your experience. As so, you feel, are you creating the very next steps within your lifetime experience.

Seventeen seconds of pure thought on a subject is all it takes to get the wheels in motion. The more you dwell on it, the more it begins to take form.

The belief alludes to our being able to control our own destinies by practicing to remain in alignment with Source, Universal energy, All That Is, Choose your Deity or Scientific Datas. Some who have experienced terrors beg to differ, others ponder that thought.

Let’s believe that we’re magnets. Our bodies are these miraculous finite vehicles which house something much bigger, our souls, which was what the religious chose to call the connection that exists between ourselves and everyone, everything else, seen or unseen, which evidently can raise cars if there’s a child trapped underneath plus perform other mind boggling feats from time to time.

When you’re happy, you’re attracting happiness. When you’re distraught, havoc and chaos rear their hideous heads.

I had a friend once tell me that if I wanted something, to win at anything, to repeat: “yes, yes, yes” (like Beetlejuice) and the Universe would provide.

I passed along that “yes” message to another friend on our way to a benefit concert. When we arrived, there was a 50/50 raffle for splitzees on the money raised at the door.

We looked at each other, eyebrows to the heavens, and both repeated “yes, yes, yes” in Unison. We bought one ticket. We won $200, split it and laughed all the way home.

It seems to me that the Universe is a Genii which will grant you whatever you desire but it doesn’t hear the word “no”, so, when you’re complaining about EVERYTHING that you don’t want, you’re actually begging the Universe to bring you the disaster you detest. Wild, right? Here’s the caveat. You MUST BELIEVE. YOU CANNOT falter from your belief.

It’s like when a Carnival Mystic has an item floating in mid-air solely using his mental abilities and someone in the audience sneezes loudly, startling the Mystic and poof, magic broken, the item falls to the ground.

When my daughter was in high school, she was on the track team. She was an undefeated sprinter, the one to look out for, the MVP and a hellion on the track. I passed her room one time and there she was in her track uniform, sprawled across her bed, legs straight up on the wall, earphones in, eyes closed. It was thunder showering that day. She never missed a workout. She happened to be working out in that instance. I knew because I taught her this method.

She was listening to her music, totally relaxed, and in her mind, she was playing out the defeat. Yeah, of course she won — again.

If you listen to Vice President Biden, Senator Harris, everyone in the race, their people, you’ll hear them saying, AFFIRMING, rather: “We’re going to win this election.”

Personally, I don’t like when Joe says: “We’re going to win This thing” for the simple fact that “this thing” can be anything.

For specific measurable results to occur, there must be specifics. The statement: “I want a car” will get you an ugly jalopy. “I want a good, running, reliable car” will get you just that. Perhaps not your exact choice of color, but it’ll do the job. “I want a Spyder” will have you wake up to a big mama jama spider dangling in front of you when you awaken because the Universe has a splendid sense of humor and, well, you asked for it.

Trump believes in something similar to the Law of Attraction. Books about this have been written for ages, by many. There is uncanny truth to it.

Why do you think he has thrown every single chaotic deterrent to our nation; simultaneously, like a child throwing up a tiny red rubber ball while catching “jacks…”?

I’m sure you’ve heard others state that this is to distract us and yes, it is EXACTLY what he’s doing.

If we’re mentally, physically, emotionally unable to relax, concentrate, believe, “yes, yes, yes” on the Biden/Harris win, he is aware that this will also be beneficial to his campaign.

Two can play it that game. Now, you know. Don’t go for the big ticket items, start with things you really don’t care much about if you receive it or not.

Detachment to that which you ask for is key.

The more you want something desperately, the least likely it is to materialize because you see it as something that’s missing in your life. The desperation carries the fear of it never arriving attached to it which will just bring you more to fear. Why is that? It is because the fear is bigger than the desire. The Universal Genii will choose the bigger one to bring you. It wants nothing more than to please you. Epilogue: here comes that grotesque thing you do not want, like a cat with a mouse in its mouth, saying: “Here’s your gift. Hey, I see you’re vibing on fear. You must really like it. Hold on, I’ll get you some more.”

“Wouldn’t it be nice?” This statement is kind of cheating but it really raises your magnetic vibration, makes you chuckle, ah, there goes happiness, which ups the ante and makes your desires find you even faster.

Play it with your friends and family. It’s a game.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Biden and Harris won? Oh, yes, clearly. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were given another stimulus check and one each month thereafter? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone were to lock up all the current trouble-makers, wouldn’t it be nice, etc.

Below, I’m going to leave you with the name of a book which is available as an online e book or for sale. It’s barely 16 pages long. I happened to stumble across many years ago as a tiny red paperback left in a pew at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in NY. Let us say, it was an answered desire.

The book is called: “It Works” The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True. The author is R.H.Jarrett.

What do you say to spreading the word to everyone you know, so that together, we can use this method to better our personal situations and have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win the 2020 Democratic National Election in The United States of America?

All together now: “YES, YES, YES.”


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