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Cyber Crimes: I Love You! Give Me Your Money…


By Janet Grace

There is a cyber crime; so wicked, that exists, which doesn’t receive the attention it deserves.

The recipient’s; sometimes ashamed of what they’ve experienced after being swindled, barely ever report these crimes.

Similar to phishing, which the dictionary describes as: “the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.”, spoofing targets individuals personally, plays the long game and involves your psyche, emotions, your spirit, mind, body. The tatters of a brain it may leave its victims with, deserve life imprisonment.

I get a ton of personal DM type emails from men on all platforms allowing emails. I don’t take it personally. I realize that for some reason or another, I have been targeted. As I type, I have just declined and blocked a “scam likely” phone call.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the word “Sucker” is tattooed invisibly on my forehead. Thank the Gods, I don’t believe it.

I’m sorry that I deleted the contents, damn! Missed opportunity! That, alone would have made a wonderful article. Too bad. I was so angry that I was right yet again, it took me everything not to curse the team of miscreants posing as one person and preying on many.

I believe this team of phishers may have read my very first article, a memorial to the man I called my best friend, upon his passing from cancer.

They were aware that I loved to discuss the depths of philosophy, it’s on my freaking bio, while staring at the vastness of the galaxies, sipping hot coffee, enjoying a small sweet cigar cuz it reminds me of my Ken and my Daddy.

So, we danced. Me, completely aware this gender-neutral person, Haward George, thought he’d landed a sucker.

Haward, pronounced Howard, first mistake, misspelling your own name, was supposedly a drilling engineer, whose salary places anywhere between 73k and 140k per year. Per the internet, “a drilling engineer is a subset of petroleum engineering. Drilling engineers design and implement procedures to drill wells as safely and economically as possible. They work closely with the drilling contractor, service contractors, and compliance personnel, as well as with geologists and other technical specialists.

So the character concocted for this specific scam was a brainy dude born and raised in West, Va., working in Berlin by contract.

He had a twelve year old child who he had sole custody of named Kelvin. His wife cheated on him with his boss and he was fired the very next day after discovering them together on their matrimonial bed — this, after giving her a loan to start her own business which she gave to the boss.

This poor bloke, clearly a broken man, had to sell his father’s house to pay for the loan. He once asked her for 7k to secure a contact overseas. She denied him because she had promised to spend that amount in Vegas with her college friends. This awful wife had no love for their child.
Pulled in? Don’t be. It’s all a crock of bullshit.

The picture of the supposed child shows the cutest little guy you ever did see. Don’t mess with kids. I became so angry when I saw the level to which they go in their effort to ensnare victims and first steal their hearts, later their valuables. These are pictures probably sent to them by actual victims, whose stories they use to create the next character.

It so happens that a very close family member knows all there is to know about the field this character supposedly worked in and pointed me to where I could find answers, and questions to ask.

As for me, with my cigar clenched between my teeth, and slits for eyes, I was determined to turn the tables on these fuckers. In the middle of the night, everything’s right.

My personal questions went either unanswered or picked straight from the internet word for word.

As I enjoyed baiting the baiters, it was clear one of them was working overtime to capture my emotions.

Words of love after a few weeks are more than red flags, they point to a disturbed mind. I could see how their perfect gentleman character could potentially disarm someone vulnerable, in pain or lonely. Unfortunately for them, these are three points I am not.

I shook my head at the words supposedly directed to me, and more than once, felt the sting of hot tears, not for myself, but for the people this treacherous gang targeted who may have bought the story, giving their heart, emotions and eventually their money, possessions, who knows what else.

The fact that the different writing styles were so distinct from one another, one would have to be blind to miss it, words chosen were instant tells that the person doing the writing was clearly NOT from West, Va.

“My phone fell and got spoiled”, this was better than Netflix. A phone’s not milk. Foods become spoiled, but unless your first language is English, you might not be aware.

The use of grammar was different between the two or three people playing at this character. One knew how to write, but called his mother: “mum”, which we know, you’d NEVER catch a West Virginian man doing. That’s straight from the UK.

I worked in Germany for a few years and know it well. Questions which; if you were there, you’d know what was being asked, went unanswered.

They never answered what schools “Haward” attended, nor the name of his alma-mater.

Haward George, the drilling engineer born in West, Va. October 12th, 1969, currently living in Tenn, who owned his own house, who left his son with his mother when he traveled, although he was spending the summer with his aunt in Canada, who knows where, given that was left unanswered as well, was found nowhere on the internet.

There were no deeds found in Tennessee with that name, either.

The picture on his profile shows a 50-ish year old man with his son and a short vid of this guy doing squats while holding a child, who looks 7 or 8 but was said to be 12. The person whose picture this is, shows a decent looking man, if you’re into that sort of thing.

“You’re all I need in the world” was responded with .. ‘ummm, I’m pretty sure oxygen, food, clothing and shelter cornered the market on that one, buddy’. My snarky responses garnished an “LOL” from the attackers, but still continued their attempt to what? Make me fall in love with a never seen bearded man working across the globe with a kid in tow? Me? Who would be who knows where touring, gigging, driving uber, traveling my ass off, who’s already raised my kids, who’s free to be me? Been there, done that, Have bike, will travel? Heeeeeeeeell, nah.

One message said, “I’ve already told Kelvin that I met his new mother” … wait, what? Are you truly insane? You guys need to work harder at this. What part of “HELL, NO” did you miss?

It was time to set these guys free. Unable to find anyone wanting to trace, take the lead, unable to have enough to prove there was a crime trying to be committed, “Haward” finally yanked the hook he thought I was on and asked for my address, to send me flowers, really? That’s all it took the gullible to have their identities stolen, accounts drained? Flowers? Yeah, I mad cried. I missed Ken. I was crying for the people who’d been suckered by these scam teams. I was saying farewell to my 0345hrs scam calling frenemy. I guess they DID get me, even though I knew from the get go.

I responded with this and deleted it all: [2]

Vehicle, by Ides of March. © 1969, © 2019.

“Hey, well, I’m a friendly stranger in a black sedan
Won’t you hop inside my car.
I’ve got pictures, candy, I’m a loveable man and
I can take you to the nearest star.
I’m your vehicle, Baby
I’ll take you any place you want to go,
I’m your vehicle, woman
And, by now, I’m sure you know
That I love you, love you,
need you, need you, want you,
Got to have you, child
Great God in heaven you know I love you.”
© 1969, © 2019 By Jim Peterick

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