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Ringside Report TV Show Review: Lucifer, Today’s Super Hero


By Janet Grace

Netflix picked up an old Fox gem after the fans revolted upon learning of its cancellation. The comedy, drama-dy, Lucifer, is as spicy as that salsa you picked up in error.

Its premise is that the supreme ruler, king of hell, the infamous fallen angel, takes a vacation in Los Angeles, City of Angels and meets someone who makes him want to be his best self.

It becomes a wanna-be love story which we watch with hopes that it’ll eventually fulfill on its promise. Without ruining the story plot, let’s check this out, shall we?

Those familiar with the one book that mentions numerous atrocities caused by the GOOD the book is supposed to be about, causes one to ask: with friends like these, who needs enemies?

Then, there’s the Culprit, the one we’ve been taught to fear, loathe, vilify. He’s the hero in the series.

We’ve been given a story line that allows the curious to become closer to the fallen angel.
We’ve been shown scripted scenes displaying his endearing devil may care “Luciferness”. We’ve been tempted with the perfect reason to question all we’ve been taught to be so.

Why is it okay for the Lord Almighty to drown a town or ten, set fire to the happiest place on earth, Sodom and Gomorrah, watch as villains do their worst to babies but it’s not okay to question why some things get a pass and others, the depths of one of many fictitious places that exists in people’s minds.

In the Netflix Series, Lucifer Morningstar, never lies. He goes about telling people he is the devil. No one believes it.

His quirky caring for others, especially for the light of his life, is contagious. His family drama is relatable and voila, how easy it was to win over the masses. The so-called bad are actually the good and the good are questioned. The once fallen angel is not so fallen.

It fits 2020, perfectly. It wasn’t on my bingo card yet the peace it’s brought me should be disturbing, but it’s not. I believe there’s good and mischief in all of us and it’s up to us to monitor and balance that equation.

I’d already made peace with the devil and all that his beliefs entail eons ago. I was in a class that dove into the psychology of the Tarot. One of the assignments was to have a chat with the characters.

When it came to card number 15, the devil in the major arcana, I choked at the thought of having to have a face to face with the object of my childhood fears. It took days to get behind that one and give it a go.

For those of us who are even a tiny bit receptive to that which is unseen, it could be a massive undertaking. When you can actually see and hear what you’re focused on, you can triple that journey.

I sat looking at the card, focused on the image of the frightening beast, horned, ugly, evil and the two souls beneath him with ropes around their necks.

I realized that the nooses were not tightened at all. That’s when I saw that if they really wanted to escape the hell they were in, they could. There was nothing holding them hostage except for their own minds and thoughts.

Well, what do you know? Hell is simply a frame of mind we place ourselves in and then complain that we’re there without attempting to disengage.

I heard a man’s voice clearly stating: “You know, I’m only the caretaker here. I’ve got the disco lights going, there’s free booze, plenty to eat, but nowhere have they signed a contract with me staying that they’re hostages here in any way. That’s on them.”

It made sense to me and explained so much in less than five minutes. So, the devil wasn’t this terrible force. He was a bad night, the hangover and all the guilt associated with whatever occurred to topple one’s ego, mask, assessment of one selves.

Today, the devil is a British actor who stepped into a DC Superhero’s role. Yes, in 2020, even the devil wants an end to true evil. He’s ready to punish all the lies we’ve been told.

I shouldn’t be, but I’m rooting for this character and that, ladies and gentlemen, is a first.

Now, line up the shots. It’s time to reflect.

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