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Donald Trump’s Friday Private Thoughts That He Doesn’t Tweet


By Jo-Ann “Jo D NL” Duke

The diary scribblings of T4: Temper Tantrum Toddler Trump

Dear Diary,

Hey bud, it’s me again. I am so glad to get a couple of minutes to talk to you now. It has been so crazy here, all day, and you always let me relax after I spend some time with you. The borons were all acting so insane today, because apparently some of the big money people have been freaking out totally just over us not having as many ads out there like Sleepy J and their team.

See, though, there is a good reason for that, and they can’t see it even though it’s so plain. It’s because people love me so much that I don’t need to do that, cause we all know that they are going to vote for me even if we don’t have that many ads. I was almost laughing when I saw them panicking, as if some ads by those others will make me lose, not possible. Why should we waste that money on something so not needed, it’s actually useless, when we could use that money so much better than on ads that we don’t need.

Honestly, it’s so clear, if you are smart like me, that all the people want me to stay as president, just cause the borons who are not smart as me, they can’t see it, so know they are probably afraid that people are going to think that we don’t have enough money to run all those extra ads. We do, they have said so, and the new old guy in charge of the meetings for me to win, well, he thinks and he said that if we are going to run any more ads, then we should do them closer to the big contest, to remind people how good I am and how they love me, you know, right?

That is so the right thing to do, and he is so smart, and pretty nice too. The other guy was good, but after he fooled up Tulsa, when for some reason, all the people who wanted to come to my rally didn’t show up, that some of the people in charge decided that we needed someone who knows how to run everything, and we got him

All that worrying and scurrying, it was so fun, just watching them all run around like that, d not because of something I said or tweeted, isn’t that wild. Usually, they are running behind me telling me to do this, or that, whatever gets into their brains. I got nothing to worry about, do Sleepy J and Mean K think they can actually beat me and MIkey. Like I said before, as if, that will never happen, my people love me too much.

Well, I got to go now, I will be back to talk to you later. It’s just so cool having you to talk to like this, I can’t believe I am so lucky. If I don’t go back now, they will come looking for me, and would you believe I can’t even get them to play with me. So weird, and they are always so stern and mean looking, it would be great to see them crack a smile, and they always act like everything is so super secret.

If I don’t need help, which I don’t, well, it’s just I’m getting bored always having them around. It’s not like anyone would be trying to hurt or get me, because everyone does love me. I’m the best, so why wouldn’t they? I’m king of the world, hee hee.

Bye for now, love you.

Donny T.

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