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Donald Trump’s Saturday Private Thoughts That He Doesn’t Tweet


By Jo-Ann “Jo D NL” Duke

The diary scribblings of T4: Temper Tantrum Toddler Trump

Dear Diary,

Hey D, it’s me again. I can’t believe how mean those stupid people are to me, just because I looked like I didn’t want to be at that ceremony, you know, they are saying that I was acting up because it wasn’t about me. Well, I don’t know, you know, that I don’t pay attention all the time if it’s not about me, and they weren’t talking about me today so I kinda just stopped listening. It’s not like it’s going to change, it’s the same thing every year, talking about 9/11 and how bad it was.

We all know this, why do we have to keep going on about it, you know, it’s the same speeches every year. It’ll be different next year, cause it will be 20 years, why do we have to do this each year, can’t we just do it every so often? Think of all the time that was wasted today, and all the good and smart stuff I could have been doing today, like tweeting to my followers and holding a press conference so they could see and hear just how smart I am, and how much better than the other side I am. My team thinks that I need every chance I can get to show everyone that they need to keep me as president, but this thing, it just took me away from doing what I need to do, you know, to win that thing in November. Anyway, the nasty fake news people shouldn’t be writing about me or taking pictures without my permission, they are doing this because they don’t want me to win and stay president.

They do everything they can to make me look, though that is really hard to do, because I am so good and look so good everyday. They just wish they could be just like, and when they can’t, they do mean things like those stupid pictures and comments about me, as if anything they say or show is going to make me look bad to my followers, just me showing up to that ceremony will get even more of them to vote for me, because it shows just how much I care about the US, see it shows that I am thinking of all the poor people who died then, why would they ever think anything else, I am the law and order president, the strong military commander in chief, and today proved it.

Well, buddy, got to go, it’s back to work for me, yeah, not. More briefings and things with all the borons, borezillas, they are so boring, save me. Talk to you later, I am sure that I will have lots of good stuff to tell you.

Bye for now, love you,


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