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Seeking Sanity Behind Enemy Lines…


By Janet Grace

Anyone having profound experiences with domestic violence, whether it be on the professional side; counseling victims, or on the receiving end, knows that it takes forgiveness and letting go to release oneself from the trauma of the experience(s).

I just had an interaction with a friend who found so many wrongdoings while trying desperately to adopt a shelter dog.

He didn’t stop to realize that his own frustration and misconceived notions about the shelter, were what was causing his lack of success.

Their probable mistrust in him hasn’t become clear. They most likely can’t place their finger on why he reads as mistrusting. Yet, if there is no trust, forget it. There’s no alignment, no relationship, no commitment to one another.

Making anyone “bad and wrong” from the get go will never pave a way for any type of successful interaction in any situation.

“When they go low, we go high” is the right course of action in any situation. Love; after all, is the highest vibration.

As Buddy Hackett said ages ago: “I’ve had a few arguments with people, but I never carry a grudge. You know why? While you’re carrying a grudge, they’re out dancing.”

At this moment, America faces a very tough task. Resisters worldwide are jumping through hoops with the attempt to bring to light all of this administration’s wrong doings to the public.

Unfortunately, we’re mostly blocking the people whose minds we would like to enlighten but cannot reach given, they’re so far gone into Trump’s bizarre upside down world, they’re merely shells of those we thought we knew.

We are clearly a divided republic. If there is one thing that this administration has succeeded in, it’s rekindling a hatred for our brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends who disagree that the CIC is a criminal and very bad news for the entire world.

The question I’m asking is: So, What? There’s an idiot in charge. So, what? He’s God Awful. So, What? He’s done heinous things. Yes, he has. So, what? What are we going to do about it?

Yes, we’re all voting blue. Hopefully, that’ll be all we have to do. We know this campaign will be as rigged as ever thanks to his collaboration with Russia. We’re hoping there are still more of us to end his presidency.

A lot of damage has been done to We, The People, and for the first time in decades, America, as a whole, has been domestically abused in more ways than I can list.

The question remains, who are we going to be and what are we going to do to get ourselves into the right mindset to beat the bully at the polls and beat the blues within our souls?

We cannot win with grudges and hatred in our hearts and souls. We’re not. We cannot. It’s a mathematical equation. This is neither magic nor craft, it’s science, its mathematics, it’s being able to recognize that human beings are capable of greatness if we believe and allow that to come through us.

The peacemakers, MLK, GANDHI, BUDDHA, JESUS, SAINTS, et al, they were on to something.

They knew that it took the culmination of your greatest attributes to “Rock the Kasbah”.

“You get more with honey” and “forgive those who trespass against us” are quotes used when we’re trying to ease ourselves to look at the situation another way. “Turning the cheek” in my description means to look at it from another perspective.

In a mathematical equation, negatives weigh against the positives, like a weight on a scale.

While our own justice system led by a corrupt man, may slow our judicial process, how we can help is to release the negative from the equation and embrace the positive.

We need to own our obsession with vilifying the crooks. Don’t give them your life force, energy, emotions, negative nor positive. No answer is an answer, also. It’s the best answer at this time.

The energy and emphasis must be on creating the outcome we wish to experience.

If you’re wanting to celebrate Biden and Harris’ win come November, you must concentrate on what that feels like and how wonderful life will finally begin to be again.

You need to do that twice for as many times as you’ve cursed what you’re currently experiencing.

Visualize what you want constantly, with hope, longing, delight.

Take the emphasis off the CIC and his mad men. Make it your business to delete his chaotic nonsense from your souls. Scrub it away, like a bad relationship and keep doing it. Thank the situation. As insane as that might sound, imagine the chutzpah it takes to go through hell and say, yeah, I know every nook and cranny in that place and guess what? The door is always open. You can leave at any time. Now, what is one thing that is not allowed in hell? LOVE. FYI.

What’s so good about this awful time? When this is said and done, we’ll have raised a new generation of kids that are so in tune with their government, we’ve not had this opportunity since the 60’s and look at the goodness we created at that time.

If you want to screw with his world, take a pointer from Nancy Pelosi and send healing thoughts to all of those crooks. Bombard them with your light. Be your positive, radiant selves. Make it your business to find joy, happiness, laughter, even under a dirty rock.

Take a step back from news and social media for a few days. Talk to your loved ones, get the hell out of the house and go for a walk.

Do everything you can to focus on the positive.

Do not allow damage to be done and allow it to remain.

A completely burned pot gets a makeover when you place it in the oven empty and allow it to bake. The stuck on mess slides right off.

Use the same method with your own hearts and allow them to bake in the warmth of love and loving thoughts for everything you treasure, enjoy and desire.

I guarantee you focusing on the positive will have lasting effects upon our great nation.

With Resister’s adding LOVE to our armament, we can guarantee we’ll win in a landslide and if that win isn’t something to make you love your neighbor as yourself, re read the article.

Let’s win this thing, and let’s do it right, with love and light, the Universe’s grace and in the most positive ways.

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