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The Murder Regime Turns to Ethnic Cleansing!


By Janet Grace

I had to take an immediate Twitter, News break shortly after reading the article on ICE conducting massive hysterectomies on asylum seekers.

I had to pace, breathe and remind myself that it’s been 20 years since …

I closed my car door, waved to my neighbor, took the mail out of the box and was walking up my walk way. The next thing I knew, I awakened in the ICU strapped to machines. My neighbor, Tom, was at the foot of my bed, crying, I was hanging on for dear life but I’d lost a massive amount of blood. They didn’t know if I would survive the night.

Tom thought I’d been shot. There was so much blood they had no clue what had happened but according to him, the ground and I were covered in it.

He fired up his old minivan, screamed to his wife to get trash bags. They lined the inside with plastic trash bags, dragged me into their mom mobile and raced me to the hospital. God bless them always. They saved my life.

Two weeks and three blood transfusions later, I was about to have my womb removed thanks to the GYN APPT CLERK who refused to book me an appt or pass a message along to my doctor advising her that something was seriously wrong with me. I thought I was hemorrhaging. I’d been trying to get an appt for two weeks. Well, turns out, I was correct.

I cried for months and finally locked the sadness, anger, rage, and anguish away in that place that never sees the light of day unless hysterectomies become the topic of conversation, in which case, I smile and excuse myself abruptly.

What hurt most is that it could’ve been avoided. I’d NEVER again have the opportunity to even have a choice. FYI: The clerk’s defense was that she’d been advised not to book women who were bleeding. Yes, you read that right.

HERE we are, 20 years later and involuntary hysterectomies are being done to women who trusted the reputation of the United States, as being the land of the free and the home of the brave. They came here for freedom. They came here for help.

Instead, if these reports have merit, if these heinous atrocities are happening to females held in captivity and if their wombs are being invaded, torn out like those parts that come wrapped up inside a store-bought chicken, it’s a crime against humanity.

The doctors who operated on these unsuspecting women must have their licenses revoked. They need to be arrested, tried for torture, tried for murder and I say murder because when a woman has that magical gift of a working womb ripped out of her body against her will, they’re also taking her soul. That is exactly what it feels like when it’s the last thing you’d ever want done.

These women, my God! Their babies were kidnapped and if they’re being operated on, they’ll never have the opportunity to see their lineage expand. No brown babies shall grow to be the next saviors of our world through their expertise, talents, intelligence, compassion. They are a non sequitur.

You’d better believe these are tactics I wouldn’t put past the slave trade. They can use them like livestock in the sex trade. What a better way not to have to deal with birth control or days off?

Imagine the husband’s, SO’s, whose wives, girlfriends have lost the ability to ever have a baby. Imagine the shock and trauma these people have been experiencing for the last 3.10. years. Did they sterilize the men? What else have they done?

This is just ONE of the ways that this administration has harmed the United States of America aside from the horror that is over 200k people intentionally murdered for kicks.

Nothing less than the Hague is deserving of these demons doing their best to drive us all to hell.

Nothing less than our remaining safe, sound and voting them all out, is in the cards for any of us.

We’ve already been shown by this death regime that they listen to no one, care about no one, and will be glad to kill everyone because the only thing that matters is making more money, every single day. Everything else is unnecessary. We don’t matter. We never will.

May the Gods Old n New protect us all, especially those being tortured, detained, killed, and may they assist us in securing our democracy in November.

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