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Blessed Mabon Sep 21 – 29th 2020


By Janet Grace

Ever since I can remember, the middle of September has held Autumn in its grasp. A threat of looming proportions, it brings darkness, dampness, frigid weather, an ominous farewell to the light fun that has always been summer — bummer.

Held in place by the happiness and glee of the festivities required to keep us sane until the first buds of a new season enter the atmosphere, Autumn comes in with a purpose, whereas summer, like a butterfly, twirls around and bunny hops through the season.

So, does; like, everyone else feel the sudden heaviness, or is that just me?

The name to that overwhelming nausea that engulfs some during the start of the autumn season, is: SADD. It’s an actual thing. Those of us who are tuned to certain frequencies feel it like the rising slope taken before the sudden descent of a roller coaster.

But WTF is it?

Welcome to being connected to The Universe, Babies.

The entire EVERYTHING-NESS that exists, that mankind believes is all that’s there, might as well be a flea on a quark. Who knows what’s going on?

Welp. We do if we pay attention. I’m not saying that what I’m writing is the “it answer” you’ve been looking for, but if it is, shit, man! Try it on. If it helps, why not?

The Wheel of the Year was the answer for me because it explained why my insides were going against what the rest of the world seemed to be experiencing.

It breaks down the year into 8 sabbats or festivals.

It helped me understand and have compassion for myself and those affected by the cosmic changes on a grander scale than others, such as those who suddenly want to sleep until spring when the weather changes. Those; that are nodding, are most in tune to the comings and goings of the total atmosphere.

I’m talking: “when the moon is in the seventh house”, and mercury is retrograde and people and feelings from your past crop up and emotions for those you thought you’d left in the dust emerge from out of the blue dragging many of us into a dimly lit hell whose tantalizing host makes it all the more difficult to escape. Breathe, JG.

What’s not to love about snuggling under blankets with hot spiked apple cider? Kissing under the mistletoe, giving and getting gifts and fruit cake– nope, don’t say it, lol.

In Greek mythology, Persephone, daughter of Demeter, A.K.A. Mother Earth is carried away during this time, by Hades, the God of the Underworld and her Cool Uncle, who didn’t have a problem with the obvious.

What’s in the Underworld that could hold her attention, you ask?

Everything that people spend fortunes on to dig up, that’s all. Gold, diamonds, precious everything, cleanest water ever, but for Persephone, it was that deliciously handsome, quirky bad boy uncle that offered her a ride on his hellhound.

If it were left for you to choose between an overbearing mother, and free flying happy go lucky seemingly sophisticated older man you had no clue you were related to, who will surely break your heart but have you feel what you have never felt before, which would you choose?

Persephone knows what she wants. Some believe she was accosted, others believe she went of her own volition. I believe both are correct.

I shouldn’t even be alive with some of the places I ventured into as a very inquisitive teen. My mother would light the big candles and tell me: “that lets me know if you’re ok out there or if I have to have your angels drag you back” and off I’d go with a dollar and her kiss keeping me safe.
Being a daredevil, the crazier the adventure, the faster I’d be there. She was right to light those candles.

Persephone jumped onto that hellhound faster than Robin into the batmobile. The sadness we feel is Demeter’s. Mother Earth is weeping that her beautiful daughter is gone. She may have been taken. She’d never leave of her own volition. (Are you sure about that?) Her sadness creeps into anger, which wilts the flowers. Barren, are the trees. The ground freezes over; yet, nothing quells her grief.

The seasons on the wheel of the year are:

● Yule – Winter Solstice Dec 21
● Imbolc – Feb 2
● Ostara – Mar 20 First Day of Spring Equinox
● Beltane – May 1 Festival of Love
● Summer Solstice – June 21
● Lammas – Aug 1
● Mabon – Sep 21-29
● Samhain (pronounced “sowen”) Nov 2

I’ll be telling you about each one as we get to them. We’re now at Mabon. Let’s concentrate on that one.

The energy in Mabon is best described as the Wings of Change and who doesn’t love a little chaos? (Americans, right now, but I digress.) Mabon is the Last Call For Alcohol at the SummerTime Bar. It’s the time to cut the last of your harvest and bring it inside. Leaves are falling from the trees and it’s the time to close the pool, bring out the hockey sticks, cold weather gear. Spiritually, this is the time when you give thanks for all you’ve acquired and if you’re reading this, you’ve got plenty to be thankful for. Your eyes, for one, breathing, two. This is also the time you let go of everything that hasn’t worked for you. Let it go, no guilt, no make wrong, forgive and walk away. It’s a time to cut back the bushes, the mental ambushes that overwhelm and come at you relentlessly. Send them down to hell with Persephone and refill your glass.

So, here we are, taking the plunge into the dark times of the wheel. The veil is thinning. This is the perfect time to connect with your ancestors, those that have gone before you, light them candles, put out some coffee, loaf of bread, a cookie, a cigarette, something for your favorite person that always made you laugh, for the slim chance that they really needed to smell that cigarette n you just made their day. I put out oatmeal cookies for my now angelic furry people.

Come embrace the darker side. We have warm blankets. We have eggnog. We have each other.

Don’t forget to shout out to your people when you’re feeling down during this time or any time. Let us know where you are. I tell my kids right away. How would they know otherwise?

You wanna talk? My DMS is open. Pay it forward someday.

An Harm None, Be Ye Welcome.

Stay safe, Everybody.
Here’s your homework. Angels give homework.
Make a vision board showing Biden and Harris Winning 2020. Take a picture and show us!
Let’s flood Twitter with these. Pass it On.

I love you, see you on the Twitter side.

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