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Donald Trump’s Saturday Private Thoughts That He Doesn’t Tweet


By Jo-Ann “Jo D NL” Duke

The diary scribblings of T4: Temper Tantrum Toddler Trump

Dear Diary,

Hey DD, it’s me again. I have been saying it forever, you know, right, that there would be mail fraud, in this election, if we allow them to send their ballots in that way. Absentee ballots are fine to use, but mailed out ballots can’t be trusted.

Like I have been saying for the last few months; there are people who are going to try and use these ballots to make sure I lose, just look at those 6 ballots in that place in Pennsylvania, they were for me, and they got thrown out.

What more proof do people need to show that like always I was right, and that they should just listen to me and do whatever I say because it’s always right; since I am so smart, and I know how everything should be done.

After all, my staff and me and my family, we all use absentee ballots cause we are not living where we would normally vote, and that’s fine; but like I said you can’t trust all those mailed in ballots. If they do, there will be so many ballots for that old guy Sleepy Joe and his mean partner, you know, Kamala.

Obviously, they wouldn’t be real ballots, because if it doesn’t say my name, well, and that white haired guy who is always around me, that’s sure proof that someone changed the ballots to make it look like all the people didn’t vote for me.

We all know that would be impossible, because everyone is voting for me, because they want me to keep being president, as I have been doing such a great job, just look how good I am handling everything with that stupid thing, Covid, since it got here.

Imagine what kind of job they would have done instead of me, no one else could do it like I have, everyone knows that I am such a great American hero, since I have saved millions of lives, sure, we have lost a few people, but what could I do besides all the great things I have been doing, especially making sure that people could go back to work, once I made it so that the kids had to go back to school.

All the parents love me just for that, oh well, since we know just how many of those ballots are going to be faked, I am not leaving after that big vote thing, no sir, they are not getting me out of here, because I won’t believe it if they say that someone else won rather than me, no way, un huh.

Hey buddy, thanks for the chance to just get it all out. I have got to get back to dealing with all the borons and borbots that are always there in my office here. Ugh, I wish I could just make them all disappear. My friends V and K never have to deal with all this stuff.

Talk to you later, bye for now. Loves you.


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