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Former Republicans Flock to Joe Biden


By Janet Grace

Republicans are swarming over to the Biden camp by the hundreds daily.

“Trump” lawn signs are being replaced with Biden signs. Halloween standards are the only ghouls America has any time for these days.

The current CIC is flailing like a fish on a hook, grasping at the 2016 play book, holding onto dead stories proven false and as the covid death count rises, no one has any time for his lies, antics, deceit.

By the hundreds, those who had the honor of serving stable presidents are endorsing the Biden camp.

‘The president is a danger’ is the battle cry, which reminds me of the folks in the fictitious “Rock Ridge” from Mel Brooks’ “Blazing Saddles” cheering that the sheriff was “near”.

They all grew to love the sheriff. Like Biden, he wasn’t their first choice, but he was the safest, sanest and best man for the job.

That’s what’s happening all over America, and just in time, too. We vote in less than 6 weeks and realizing he’s only going to get worse, officials, Cabinet secretaries, former senior intel have formed a political action committee called “43 Alumni for Biden”, similar to The Lincoln Project.

Organizations denouncing Trumpism and all things CIC are popping up like the ice cream man on a hot summer day, perfect timing, we’ll take it, (and sik Robin* on you afterwards.)

Polls show Biden leading Trump by double digits.
These new Super Pacs are going as far as releasing “testimonial videos” touting Biden’s reputation, work record, ethics from the highest profiled Republicans they can find.

No one with any scope of intelligence wants Trump’s re-election, except a zillion bots and the very stupid.

Breonna Taylor’s pitiful justice was the last straw. The evidence of foul play in every single aspect of this administration is overwhelming. If the 25th Amendment is off the table, then a tsunami of both parties voting against insanity will have to do.

“We know what is normal and what is abnormal, and what we are seeing is highly abnormal. The president is a danger,” Jennifer Millikin, one of the 43 Alumni organizers, who worked on Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign and later in the General Services Administration, said this.

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