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The Debate Between An Adult Joe Biden & A Petulant Child Named Donald John Trump!


By Janet Grace

“Will you shut up, man?”

That’s the title of the first 2020 Presidential debate between Trump and Biden.

Hi, everyone. I hope you’re doing well as you read this. I hope your families are safe, sound and healthy. We’re 34 days away from finding out who our next President will be. What that means to us is: how soon can we return to normalcy?

I’ve scaled back on Twitter time from pure mental exhaustion. I am exhausted. Aren’t you? We’re all going to need Club Med vacations after Covid-19 is a thing of the past and we can once again travel the world.

Besides watching every breath taken by everyone running in this race, there are the issues, such as 205k+/- Covid Deaths in the U.S., the climate change issue, the cronyism between the Kentucky AG and McConnell, are they EVER going to prosecute Miss Taylor’s murderers? I can go on, but then you’ll need a break as well. I took a much needed meditation time (nap) awaking in time for the debate.

I turned on the tube just in time. Both candidates looked well. I believe I may have heard Biden say something which ended in, “man” in his greeting to Trump, and as a “S’up, Dude, Darling” user, I approve that greeting. Trump responded with the mandatory chin up response.

As soon as the debate began, it was clear that the “resident in chief” believed he was in a boxing ring: every word, a punch or jab. He interjected as much as he could, completely on purpose. He was not allowing the V.P. or the moderator to get a word in edgewise or otherwise.

Chris Wallace was a disaster as a moderator. For crying out loud, mute the mic. Why did he not do that? Joining in with the yelling didn’t help matters at all. I could not believe that he started yelling along with the candidates. A Chimpanzee would have muted the mics, not joined in the frey like an inexperienced hack. It was so bad, I found my head turning from side to side in disgust, before I asked it to.

Trump was unpresidential, rude, ridiculous. Listening to the opinions of America after the fact, it turns out even the Republicans are angered that Trump treated the first presidential debate like an after school street brawl. The only “best” he knows is to bully; attempt intimidation, lie. He ruined his chances with his nonsense, during a debate that could’ve helped all the Repubs on the ballot.

What Republicans fail to remember, is that they’re dealing with an “Abby Normal” [1] brain as the first ingredient. Trump will always create chaos and shoot himself in the foot no matter what he does or where he goes.

Trump tried to topple Joe by being offensive, which he perceives as being tough. The reality is that America was fooled the first time, ONLY. They’re seeing what they didn’t see in Trump this second time. He’s a complete sham and he does not know what he is talking about despite all the talking and name calling he does.

He took a shot at Senator Warren, referring to her as “Pocahontas”, soon after the debate began. That is a racial slur. The man currently acting as the President of the United States is using racial slurs when referring to a perceived indigenous person. He’s so used to calling people all those 1950’s low class slurs for immigrants, he doesn’t realise that today’s generation hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about and except for racists, most don’t feel that way about others. He came out firing from the moment he opened his mouth. That’s not smart. The truth is he doesn’t know HOW to be a decent human being. He excels at being disingenuous, provocative.

Personally, I wish that Joe had not brought himself down to Trump’s level by calling him a “clown”. I was yelling at the TV every time Joe laughed and smiled as Trump bullied, berated and lied. ‘STOP LAUGHING! LOOK AT HIM SERIOUSLY. HE’S insane, not you!

He may have been itching to TKO Trump and could NOT let the entire night end without getting some kind of shot in, but we’re better than that and he’s representing us. If he’s running with “Saving the Soul of America” and knowing how to do the job from day one, he must ride the high road and leave the low rider roads to we, who also know the back streets and are no longer having to represent ourselves with professionalism minding our peas and queues 24/7, while working with and for the people.

These debates are the interviews for “The Job”. I wouldn’t use the word “clown” in an interview. Would you, No! Of course not, unless you were referring to an actual professional actor wearing the red nose, face paint and wild hair.

The entire debate was an out of control mess. If there are going to be two more, the moderator had better have a mute button and a long whip.

TV Pros were left with their mouths agape.

Lester Holt from NBC News said: “a low point in U.S. history.” Jake Tapper from the CNN NewsRoom called it “a hot mess, inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck.”

Every subject talked about received mistruths by Trump with Joe pushing back saying “that’s a lie”. At one point he actually gave up and said that he wasn’t there to call out Trump’s lies. Everyone knew Trump was a liar.

The pinnacle of Joe’s night in my eyes was when he referred to Trump as Putin’s Puppy detailing the reasons for that.

The pinnacle of Trump’s and his vile cult following was when Trump refused to denounce Neo-Nazi’s and instead directed his Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by”. From what I read, Maga Twitter is all aglow. They’re delighted that their Savior gave them a direct order right on national TV for the entire world to see.

Who will be coming here to save us? Which of our allies are going to send troops to catch Covid-19 and spar with the super stupid Proud Boys? Trump is clear he’s already lost this race. He knows he’s lost the sane Republicans, Independents. The only thing left of his base are the racists. That’s all he’s got. Trump finally showed those who’ve continued to root for him, refusing to believe that he was involved with the militia, neo nazi’s and racists, who he truly is.

Everyone lost in this debate. I saw no winners. Joe got down to his level. I hope Dr. Biden and Kamala ream him out for that. Trump was his usual insane adderall addicted self. Chris Wallace could have done his job. He knew who he was dealing with.

What’s left for us to do is to vote Trump out. If a war breaks out between the Proud Boys and the Sane after the loss, I’m betting every “sucker and loser” AKA REAL AMERICAN HEROES, will be there with REAL COMBAT TRAINING.

34 days to go.

Kumbaya, Peeps. Let that be our war cry. Make Love, not war, sounds splendid right about now. Let’s create the world we really want to be.

Best to you and yours,


[1] Abby Normal is a reference found in Mel Brook’s: “Young Frankenstein” regarding an abnormal brain.

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