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Donald Trump’s Friday Private Thoughts That He Doesn’t Tweet


By Jo-Ann “Jo D NL” Duke

The diary scribblings of T4: Temper Tantrum Toddler Trump

Dear Diary,

Hey buddy, it’s me again. I am so mad at all the wimpy people in the R party right now. I can’t believe it, instead of congratulating me on doing such an amazing job at the debate the other night, all they are complaining about is that I didn’t condemn white supremacy, the right wing militias and the Proud Boys.

Seriously, that’s what they worried about, don’t they know that I am never going to do that, because so many of my followers belong to at least one of those groups. I can’t turn my back on the people who voted me in last time, right? That would be insane, and they wouldn’t vote for me again if I said something like that.

Like I said before, about that thing in the place a couple of years ago; there were definitely very fine people on either side. I don’t know why they are acting like this, or where they are coming from, they never had a problem with me before, or if they did, they never said anything.

They have always backed me up before, why are they doing now? Well, once I win in November, let’s see what they say then, I am sure that they will be changing their tune, and will be running to apologize for me.

Like there’s a chance that me not saying that will have any part in causing me to lose to Sleepy Joe, seriously, what have they been smoking, that’s the only thing I can think of, because they are acting so strange. It has to be them, because it’s not like I have changed recently, as always, I am my usual lovable and charming self; so it’s not my behavior.

I am still great as always, you know that, right? Can you think of any reason why they are saying those awful things to the fake news about me? I am really hurt, since I thought they were really my friends and believed in me. Why do I have to always deal with such bad things, if only people realized how hard it is to be me, and imagine if they had to deal with all the things I do every day.

I am so glad that no one has to deal with such bad things like me, they only have everyday things to deal with, it’s not like they are having trouble for the past while, so they should be nicer to me.

Well, buddy, thanks for letting me getting that out, I had to before I go back to that cell I have to be in every day, with all those borons; I swear I don’t know how I make myself with them everyday, what a good kind person I am up to be able to put up with them and their not so bright ideas, what would they do without me.

Bye for now, talk later, love you lots.


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