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Ho’opono’pono: Hawaiian Mantra for Self-Healing


By Janet Grace

In these last days left before this election wraps up, it is quite possible that many of us are experiencing depletion, exhaustion, in essence: totally wiped out.

You’re right!

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a Resister. You’ve probably been immersed in connecting with others who share your political views.

You may be watching countless news briefs, tweeting and retweeting your disdain of this administration and supporting your nominee for President; plus living your life, attending to your affairs or trying your best to do that.

Now, imagine that every day you awaken with 100% of your life force energy intact.

Compassionate Soul that you are, you begin your day by consoling your resister family who’ve tweeted about their losses, sadness, issues.

You’re sending out your overflow of energy, which is fine; however, many of us forget to replenish and by the end of the day, we wonder WHY we’re exhausted.

You cannot give from an empty vessel.

How can you take care of your own energy while caring for others? Ways which work for me which I now share with you are:

● Sit still a moment before logging on to social media.
● Ground and Center.
● Breathe.
● Think about what you wish to accomplish.
● Envision wrapping yourself in a white light bubble (like the one Glenda the Good Witch rode into Munchkin Land on).
● Say something that feels good like: May my Spirit and Energy be protected and blessed as I assist others. May I attract those in need of white light and healing, strongly repelling those that seek to manipulate, drain and feed off of my energy, perhaps unbeknownst to them.
● Bless them. Send them healing.
● So mote it be, Amen.

● Using Ho’oponopono (pronounced ho-o-pono-pono). [1]

Who? It is the Hawaiian method of self healing and forgiveness which works to dissolve and clear any and all negativity within your consciousness, which you may have ethereally picked up like a hoover vacuum w Hepa filter while helping others.

Ho’oponopono is an ancient practice of forgiveness used for self-love and to send Universal Love to others. The word roughly translated means to balance and make things right. Yes, it’s quite the zen concept and I believe it works.

I contacted my spiritual mentor, Mark Angelo Lyons, in 2007, after suffering a series of strokes; which left me disabled and not at all able to remember my name; age, who the current president was or how many fingers the doctor was holding up. I struggled to remember my dog’s name. I no longer had a photographic memory. In fact, I couldn’t remember day to day. I was unable to work in the capacity I enjoyed. No more hustle, bustle, city life, deadlines, the stress I preferred to call enjoyment and excitement. Every day was a roller coaster ride. I lived for it. Now, my mind was gone. My career and job were gone. I grieved it every day.

Mark, who I’d met at a prayer service, listened and said: “Write this down.”

I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love u, thank you.”

He told me to keep saying it like a mantra and to relax. Nothing ever stays the same.

I hung up and thought: that’s it? Ok. I did it.

The anxiety melted right out of my being at some point. I found myself saying this in my mind while I was doing the dishes, practicing my walking half way up the driveway with my walker. It became the voice in the back of my mind. I taught it to the day nurse that came to help me. He was NOT into zen. He laughed it away. Hey, that’s ok, too. I was filled with excitement for what was to come. I felt lighter. This; too, shall pass.

Things began looking up for me in a very short amount of time. I stood to lose my home with no income. Mark, and his best friend, Amy’s ministry, “The Silver Broom Ministries”, assisted me by turning my huge three season patio into a beautiful separate studio apartment.

It cost me zero dollars. They took up a collection, had enough people who knew how to build homes and one day came as a team, surprising me completely. They asked someone to go get sodas and chips. They told me to accompany the person to the store. I went. When we returned, they’d already knocked down two beams. Waving hammers and with hands raised, they yelled: “Surprise!” Well, knock me over with a feather.

They signed their names, wrote blessings, good wishes, drew angels and happy faces on the structural wood beams before the sheet rock went up. That apartment had so much love, laughter within, it was easy to attract a wonderful tenant after it was done.

Another thing that occurred besides my meeting these wonderful people who began visiting with groceries, driving me to service, the nearby beach, etc. was that two acquaintances I had: (you know the type; riddled with drama and chaos, calling with gossip and anger, leaving me drained after a short talk) suddenly stopped calling.

I had used that same mantra saying as soon as I saw it was them calling. I was sending them the essence of love, hopefully helping quell their hurt, calm their lives down.

My wish was to have the Universe send them whatever it was they thought they needed from me. I’d learned that my energy was not currency to be given away unless it came from my having so much, I wouldn’t miss it.

It worked. I told them both after they’d finished speaking that I’d been praying as they spoke and I hoped it helped. Blessed remedy. What a nice way to say: um, yeah, I hit up the Universe as you spoke. Try it.

When I began studying the Usui Reiki Method [2] which I eventually became a Reiki Master in, I learned how to use my Higher Self and Divinity as a conduit for Universal Energy to flow from above, through me and to wherever it was sent. That way, I was not depleting my own.

The first one you heal is yourself. E=Mc2. I don’t believe I’d be allowed to Mensa anytime soon, but I will tell you that it is why you’re reading this now. I was left drooling out of the side of my mouth all those years ago, grateful my limbs worked, that I could feel when I needed a tissue and I could use my arms to wipe away the tears that rolled down.

It wasn’t until years later that I began to be able to hold thoughts in my mind. The mortgage company refinanced now that I had a rental income and an anonymous donor paid the mortgage company the exact amount I owed.

I began studying to be a non denominational minister. I was elated to be remembering. I don’t know if I would have healed as I have, had I not been consciously working to heal myself and love myself by forgiving myself in all of my lives, in all dimensions of time, past, present, still to come.

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you. That’s it.

It’s bleach for the soul and consciousness. I believe, anyway. Notice that those are four phrases the EGO hates to say. Meanwhile, your divine soul is saying: yes, bring it on.

So, try it if you’re so inclined.

“Forgive them for they know not what they do.” applies to our own selves too. I still forget that at times.

Love is the highest vibration. It heals all.

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Let me know your views. I would love to hear what happens for you if you try this for a little while.

Sending Love. Light. Bliss.

JG 😀

[1] To learn more, search the word: Ho’oponopono. If you type it into “YouTube”, you’ll hit the motherlode.

[2] To learn about Usui Reiki, search the word. Contrary to some beliefs, it must be learned directly from the Master to the Student, not online, not on YouTube, in the same way that you cannot learn martial arts online. You need a true Sensei showing, directing, guiding.

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