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More Celebrity Endorsements for Joe Biden & The Pope Shocks Catholics to Their Bones!


By Janet Grace

P. Ditty endorsed Joe Biden as the candidate and the only choice we have to get Trump out of office but going forward, he’s holding Joe accountable and he’s launched Our Black Party which has a dot org of the same name.

Ditty, Jane Fonda, Steven King, Robert De Niro, the list goes on, Cher, Bette Midler, All Sentient Beings, IKR? Everyone with feelings has jumped on the Biden Harris wagon. The only ones left are the ones you don’t want on your team.

Ditty takes it a few steps further after reversing his stance on holding the black vote back, realizing that this is not the time to be holding anything back. His party’s main focus is in getting Trump out. He feels that if Trump wins, there is going to be a race war. “we’re on the verge of a race war”.
Personally, I’m excited to know that people are thinking beyond the election; however, some of us don’t forget when there have been those who having seen opportunity, began a movement in the direction of where finances would flow readily.
Imagine attracting the numbers so grand they would never fit in the venue elected and now imagine a few thousand attempting entrance where solely hundreds fit. Imagine pocketing the profit without a care for those who lost their lives in a stampede caused by greed. Imagine the owner of that greed, creating a political party. I’ve seen this movie. It doesn’t end well.

On to a different topic, how ironic that one of my last pieces: “The Truth About Witches“ discusses the Roman Catholic Church adopting the ways of the people when they stood to lose more than they bargained for, and the story of the day is the Pope’s endorsement for same sex civil unions. Hells, yeah! Love is love. He knows.

I’m glad to hear this coming from him. He has a loud voice. This is a very smart move. A few days before an election. This may be a game changer for Christian voters who only went along with the gay bashing because it was enforced. The ones delighted that they can now greet their gay friends in public are the voters this is meant for. The others of us knew they’re views were skewed and already voted for Joe and Kamala.

I genuinely like the Pope. I was lucky in having had the best examples in terms of priests in my life. They were all kind, fatherly and sweet. That doesn’t mean there weren’t torrid ones. I’m sure there were. I was lucky in never having made their acquaintance.

There was a time when nuns and priests married. When they passed on and their descendants claimed the inheritance and land, is when the Church made it against the rules for priests and nuns to marry. The year was 1123 a.d. After that is when all those frustrated people changed the views of the Church to their own.

This Pope, is one who has been righting as many wrongs as he can beginning with holding his own criminal priests to task. I wouldn’t be surprised if he denounced his churches own devil. The problem is, they created it, gave it oxygen and now it is alive and well masquerading as QAnon, Neo-Nazis, Crazies and Yours Truly, currently defiling the WH. Yes, that one.

Vote! Just a few more days to go.

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