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Donald Trump’s Friday Private Thoughts That He Doesn’t Tweet


By Jo-Ann “Jo D NL” Duke

The diary scribblings of T4: Temper Tantrum Toddler Trump

Dear Diary,

Hey big guy, it’s me again, you know, your buddy Donny. The big vote is next Tuesday, just a few days away, and instead of people talking about how amazing I am going to do in the election; all of it is them talking about the stupid Covid.

It’s crazy, all they talk about is the record number of cases that we are having every day, but no one is listening to me when I tell them that we are rounding the corner. It’s making me so mad, because if people pay attention to the news, and if they believe what they are saying, then they aren’t going to vote for me.

If that happens, it is going to be bad for me, why is everything bad happening to me. Don’t they understand just how important it is for me that I win next Tuesday again. Covid is ruining everything for me, and that’s not a lie.

All the stupid reports about the cases are constantly around and it’s all people hear about; they need to stop them, at least for the next few days until the vote is over and I have won, you know.

The worst thing is that Sleepy Joe is always contradicting me when I say that the virus is almost gone, and that we don’t need a plan to fight it. No, though, he is talking about a Coronavirius policy, what we need to do, which is completely opposite from what I have been telling people. It’s crazy, what is going on.

When I am doing my rallies I try to make it funny when I say Covd so many times, but they don’t realize that I absolutely hate talking about that stupid thing, and I would be so happy if I was never asked about Covid ever again.

The honest truth is that I feel about Covid the way Jan felt about Marcia; you know that it’s always about Covid, never me. I need to be the most special one. After all, we both know that I am the best, most special and greatest person in the world ever, but especially now.

I have to get the attention off the stupid Covid thing and back on me, I can’t lose to Sleepy Joe, can you imagine the shame. I would never be able to show my face in public again, it would be just so bad.

Well, buddy, time for me to wander off again, I need to get back and see where I am going to have my next rallies, and get that boost of adoration and admiration that I get from my followers. It makes me feel so good, you know, and I also feel really happy when that happens.

Bye for now, I’ll talk to you later, love you.


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