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Donald Trump’s Friday Private Thoughts That He Doesn’t Tweet


By Jo-Ann “Jo D NL” Duke

The continuing diary scribblings of T4: Temper Tantrum Toddler Trump

Dear Diary,

Hey, buddy, it’s me again. Sorry I haven’t had a chance to write for a few days, but I have been so busy trying to prove to everyone that those awful democrats stole the election from me.

I think that I am really making some people see the truth of what’s going on, and I will be able to stay as president. Can you imagine it, Sleepy Joe has actually been doing interviews where the people from the fake news have been calling him the president-elect, as if.

Yeah right, there is no way that he could have beaten me; after all, look at it, I got over 75 million votes, how could he have ever gotten more votes than me. I mean, seriously if you read the papers, and listen to my lawyers like Rudy and the rest of them, well, everyone will know the truth.

They will understand that I didn’t lose the election, so I am not a loser, and that I am still the president. They will know the truth finally, and I can say I told you so to all those nasty people who have been telling me that I lost.

I didn’t lose, and I am never going to say that I did, and anyone who says that Sleepy Joe won, well, they will not want to hear what I have to say. Anyone who doesn’t support me will have to deal with me when I go off on them.

It serves them right, they are here to make me happy, and do what I want. Imagine them thinking that they have the right to say something to me that I don’t want to hear, it’s all about me, don’t they understand that?

I am the only important one, I wish that they would just give up talking to me about all those people dying, and all the stupid cases of that stupid virus. I mean, I got the vaccine for them, isn’t that enough for all those people?

What else do they expect me to do, it’s not like I can wave a wand, and make it all go away, cause God knows that I wish that it would, it has driven me nuts all these months, and just ruined everything for me.

Also, I have been really busy trying to figure out who I will pardon, definitely have to do the kids, I guess, you know; plus all the people who have done what I wanted the past few years, I mean people are sending in their names, asking if I will do it.
To be honest, I don’t understand why, because that’s only something the president does before he leaves the White House, and it’s not like I am going anyway, well, not without a fight, legal of course, right?

Well, buddy, it was great to talk to you again. Can you believe that next week is Christmas, I wonder what I will get as a present, or lots of presents. The best one would be proof that I won the election, I know we all know I won, but to have proof would be so cool.

Talk to you later, bye for now, love you lots.


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